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Yogic Cleanse Week 5


Good job! As we enter the fifth week of the detoxification routine, examine and journal the effects on your body and mind. This week, for the body cleanse we will need  Poppy seeds(Vetiver ziazanionides), Mint/Pudina leaves(Mentha spicata/arvensis), Lemon leaves/Nimbu patti (Citrus limon), Neem leaves(Azadirachta indica).

Also for the Mind cleansing, we will start introspection on the third type of complex – Realization complex – caused due to the fear of manifestation of one’s expectation.

What you will need:

Continue the body exercise of Surya Namaskaar or Sun Salutations. Prepare and consume a tea/decoction of each of these ingredients

❖Poppy seeds

Its botanical name is Vetiver ziazanionides. The seeds of poppy have an anti-inflammatory property so it is used in ayurvedic preparations for treating inflammation. Poppy seeds are commonly called as “khas khas” in India. The seeds are rich in oil, vitamins, iron, calcium and omega– 6 fatty acids. It has tremendous healing properties, prevents kidney stones, is a pain-reliever, improves digestion, heart function and thyroid function. Consuming poppy seeds acts as a natural coolant to the body and relieves mouth ulcers naturally. It boosts immunity too. It is used in making perfumes and beverages too. It has a mild neuro-relaxant effect.

❖Lemon leaves

 Lemon is a citrus fruit. Botanically called Citrus Limon, its leaves have a medicinal value. Lemon leaf has been used as antispasmodic and sedative for ages. It is used to treat nerve disorders, nervousness and palpitation. Lemon oil is used in relieving migraine headaches and asthma too. Lemon leaves are used for cooking in some parts of the world and are known for their aroma and hence used for controlling nausea. They are anti-spasmodic and have sedative properties. They also work on nerve conditions like insomnia, palpitations and nervousness. They are used to treat Asthma, and provide relief from headache and migraine. It is also used as a domestic disinfectant, lemon oil is a powerful antifungal and air-purifier/freshener. Lemon leaves are used to create potpourri also.

❖“Aum” is a Maha Mantra (chants with great benedictions). It is believed as per the Vedic scriptures to be the Manifestation of Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Protector) and Maheshwar (Destroyer) or the Holy Trinity. It is variously in other customs seen as Amen in Christianity and Ameen in Islam. The sound vibrations of Aum have a fine connect with Nature and a finer connect with our inner-selves. In Vedic literature, it precedes all the mantras and is used in the beginning of any Puja (ceremony) or other Mantra. It is so powerful that when uttered from the navel region, it can destroy the ‘Bija’ or impressions left from earlier incidents and help us to get rid of these conditionings from our sub-conscious mind. It is thus helpful in making spiritual progress, removes the seeds of misery and eliminates the obstacles in our path. In this technique, we stress on the ‘Ma’ syllable in ‘Aum’. ‘Mm’ is chanted twice as long as the ‘Au’ in the example, ‘Aummmm’.


Breathing technique
Breathing right has a lot of spiritual and physical significance. It is a source of energy to the body. All metabolism and energy exchange is enabled by the breath. It connects the Body, Mind, Prana(life-force) and Spirit(consciousness). With each incoming and outgoing breath you can completely cleanse your body with mindfulness and checked consciousness. When you breathe in, you do so with positive contemplation(sad-bhava), inhale positivity like feelings of health, peace and love. When you breathe out, you exhale your negativities like ill-health, stress and anger, experiencing they are expelled out of your body & mind.
The Sun, is regarded as the Sun God according to several religions and belief systems. Surya/Aditi in the Sanatana Dharma, Ra or Horus by Egyptians, Helios by the Greeks, etc. is the life-giver on earth, primary source of energy for nature – wind, waves, tides, monsoons, plant-life, animal-life, biological-cycle, water-cycle, carbon-cycle, etc. Thus it is seen as the symbol of higher Consciousness. It is the source of all light and energy that sustains the ecological cycles on Earth and can be seen as both, a creator and a destroyer. With utmost devotion, we bow down to the Guru, a.k.a. the dispeller of darkness – Vivasvan, the Sun God. A simplified version of the Surya Namaskaar is presented here – easy for all to practice.

  • * Surya Namaskaar or Sun Salutations are of utmost importance and help in cleansing the body from deep within and is a part of Yoga. It helps get adequate vitamin-D for skeletal growth, causes skin and hair to stay healthy with the right amount of exposure. The Surya Namaskaar, through stretching, not only tones our muscles but also regulates the breath, enhances proper functioning of our glands & organs and improves immunity. A lot of ailments can be cured with the help of Sun Salutations. The Surya Namaskar given here is different from the traditional method and can be done very easily.
  • Mint/Pudina leaves: Its botanical names are Mentha spicata or Mentha arvensis(Indian mint). It is a calm and soothing herb used for thousands of years for indigestion, reducing fever, soothing the throat, topical anesthetic, mouth-freshener and the paste of leaves relieves joint pains. It is used in many cuisines to enhance the taste of the dish. The leaf-paste relieves itching sensation due to skin conditions like rashes, prickly heat, etc. It was treasured as an aromatic herb in medieval times and is a great room-freshener. In spray form it can keep the home free of pests. Mint is powdered and sprinkled all over the place due to its calming properties before meditation.
  • Neem leaves: The scientific name is Azadirachta indica. Its commonly known as Neem. All parts of the neem tree have medicinal benefits. Its traditional name is “Arishta” – meaning reliever of sickness. It has antiseptic, anti-biotic, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. It promotes wound healing, is anti–inflammatory and is used as a popular disinfectant today. Since ancient times, delivery rooms were fumigated with Neem, as it is believed to be particularly protective for women and children without side-effects. Neem leaves purify the environment of germs, has positive energy (healing vibrations) and nourishes the earth in return for the nutrients and the life-force it draws from it. It provides immunity to the body and can cure most skin disorders. It aids in heating of the body, is a stimulant, anti-septic and a blood purifier.

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