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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Sushumna Kriya Yoga technique so powerful ?

This technique is so powerful because it is a combination of four steps. The first and most important step is the Yoga Mudra. The very base of Sushumna Kriya Yoga is the Yoga Mudra.The second step is the Omkara. The third step is taking deep long breaths and the last step is concentrating between the two eye brows.

If these steps are considered distinctly, Mudra meditation is first and by using different Mudras and keeping our eyes closed is called Mudra meditation. By chanting Omkara with our eyes closed for 15 to 20 minutes is called Omkara meditation. Likewise by closing our eyes and using any breathing technique is called breathing meditation and last concentrating between our eyebrows is called third eye meditation.

Hence, in this Sushumna Kriya Yoga technique all the four different techniques are combined as one and hence all of us receive immense energy and progress four times faster in our lives.

2. Should I take a bath before meditation?

No need, one can meditate with or without bathing.

3. Is there any rituality associated with Sushumna Kriya Yoga?


4. Should I stop my earlier rituals/practices?

No need. You can continue both (earlier practices and SUSHUMNA Kriya Yoga).

5. Why I am not getting experiences like before?

The very purpose of meditation is to cross the threshold of Maya/illusion (the so called experiences / visions). One has to cross this and reach the stage of nothingness, the silence. You have experienced something in the past and you are not experiencing it now is a positive sign and you are moving towards higher self.

6. How to differentiate between sleeping and meditation?

You can find it through your body /sitting position. If you are still sitting straight means you’re meditating, if your body is slouched it means you are sleeping. There is no harm if you are sleeping for a while.(usually happens when one is tired, eaten a heavy meal or not slept properly for few days).

7. Can I practice the SUSHUMNA Kriya yoga during the monthly menstrual cycle?

Yes you can. There is no restriction or bar from practicing during this period.

1. When should one meditate?

One can meditate any time during the night/day.However the best timings are early morning 3 am to 6 am and during evening 5 pm to 7 pm. These are the timings during which Masters send immense cosmic energies.

2. Can I open my eyes or break my mudra during meditation?

No, one can’t open their eyes or mudra during the meditation. Though no harm is done by this act, the session goes waste.

3. Why should I sit straight or erect?

The human body consists of 72000 NADIS. Nadi’s are astral tubules. Out of these 72000 Nadi’s there are 3 very important Nadi’s known as IDA, PINGALA and SUSHUMNA. These 3 Nadi’s originates from ROOT CHAKRA ( Mooladhara) and the IDA & PINGALA end at third eye chakra (AJANA) , the SUSHUMNA connects to Crown chakra (SAHASRARA).

If one sits in a slouched position or the head is bent forward or backward, the tubes gets constricted and the flow of cosmic energy gets affected.

4. Can I move my hands (mudra) or body during meditation?

It is recommended to sit like a statue during meditation. The subtle flow of energies gets disturbed if one moves during meditation.

5. What happens if I open my eyes abruptly at the end of meditation?

By doing so you will lose 80% of energy generated through that particular session. That’s why it is recommended to stay a few seconds with your palms on the face and eyes and to come out of meditation spell very slowly.

6. How many times can I do in a day?

Just once a day is enough.

7. Can I take a break every 15 minutes during meditation?

No, it has to be done in one continuous stretch.

8. Can I meditate after meal/dinner/lunch?

Generally one feels a little drowsy /sleepy after consuming food. It is better to have a gap of 1.5 hours. Otherwise there is no problem.

9. Can I meditate any time of the day?

For best results early morning 3 am to 6 am and evening 5 pm to 7 pm are the preferred timings. However if these timings are not suitable, one can choose any time of their choice.

10. Why 49 minutes?

Human body consists of 7 chakras, for each chakra 7 minutes of meditation for cleansing and energizing. One need not to be mentally focusing on any chakra. The yoga mudra automatically takes care of it.

11. What is the time gap we need to maintain between food and Kriya Yoga?

No time gap in particular. You can practice Kriya yoga as long as you are comfortable in chanting omkaras & taking long breaths.

12. I am unable to concentrate and get disturbed during meditation.

Repeat the chanting of AUM for 7 or 14 times and deep breathing for 7 times (without opening eyes or mudra).