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Garbha Sanskar

Garbha Sanskar – Vedic Genetic Engineering

Our Pujya Guruma Aatmanandamayi’s Divine Sankalp is that every Human on Earth should lead a Healthy, Holistic and Blissful Life.
Under the Divine guidance of Mataji our Kriya Yogi Gynaecologists, Psychologists, Ayurvedic experts, Nutritionists and Yoga teachers have all worked together and designed the Divine next level Vedic genetic engineering Sushumna Garbha Sanskar.

This program will guide you towards your lifestyle changes to improve the Core qualities of your baby right from within the Womb. Genetic engineering is all about programming the genes to get the ideal child. Undoubtedly every parent dreams that their child should grow up to be Healthy, Strong and Intelligent. Inherited genes can make only 50% of what your child could be and the rest is how the genes are programmed.
Mothers diet, emotions, thoughts and sleep plays a major part in ensuring that the genes are programmed in the right direction. Do you know that this amazing science of genetic engineering is conceived in our Vedas.

Krishna YujurVeda discusses this science length and breadth as GarbhaSanskara. Modern science is also trying hard in this field of genetic Engineering. But there is a huge difference between Modern genetic Engineering and Vedic Engineering as Modern genetic Engineering is in experimental stage and limited only to the physical appearances of the baby, like the colour, height, weight, shape of the nose, eyes etc and all this is done in a lab outside the womb. Vedic genetic Engineering is all about Capacitating, Grooming, Nurturing and Enhancing the Inner core of the baby inside your Womb. The baby is programmed for a Healthy body and mind with Positive Emotional and Psychological development. Vedic genetic Engineering enhances the Memory and Learning skills of the baby even when the baby is still in your Womb. It also enhances the bond between the baby and you. Vedic genetic Engineering is a multidimensional program for a Healthy, Holistic and Happy Child. Divya Babaji Sushumna Kriya Yoga Foundation brings you this Ancient Science GarbhaSanskar – The next level Vedic Genetic Engineering as a two level program Sushumna Garbha Sikshana.
The first level is to be practiced from 12 – 18 months before pregnancy. This will give you the opportunity to choose the genes for your dream child so that you have a chosen baby and not a chance baby.

Second level is practiced during pregnancy and this programs the Inherited Genes.
Sushumna Garbha Sikshana is very simple and easy to practice. It teaches simple ways to enhance your IQ, bond with your baby, chant Vedic Mantras, how to Meditate, why to Meditate and what food and Nutrition to take for a Strong, Healthy and Holistic baby.

To know more about Sushumna Garbha Sanskar and Sikshana watch the videos from the playlist in the link below: