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Sushumna Sikshana

Sushumna Sikshana is an initiative by our beloved Mataji Pujyasri Aathmanandamayi to introduce young minds into Sanatana Dharma.

Programme Objectives

Sushumna Sikshana sessions are designed to develop children’s spiritual, moral, cultural, and ethical values. Their unique programming helps children develop & enhance positive qualities such as Honesty, Integrity, Empathy, & Cultural Values. This helps them develop an appreciation for Traditional Customs and realise their individual social responsibility.

Mataji’s aim is to help transform children internally & externally and prepare them for their future with the necessary knowledge & skills to lead a Healthy, Happy, and Joyous life and live in harmony with the environment.

Sikshana sessions are made to be interactive, to make the spiritual learning process fun & memorable to impart lessons that children can carry with them throughout their lives.

These weekly sessions have been specially designed to maximize moral lessons from stories for a deeper understanding of the values through educational & cultural activities.

Such sessions will help guide children & pave their path to Spirituality.

Different Components of the Programme

Shlokas & Bhajans

The sessions typically include Shlokas and Bhajans which are chanted and celebrated throughout the year.

The children also learn about their meaning and relevance before, and during Indian Festivals.

Learning Activities

Interactive activities impart life skills to make the children’s spiritual learning that much more fun and memorable. 

The children are engaged in crafts, drawing, storytelling, puzzles & entertaining games.


Meditation sessions further help children to remain calm & cheerful. This helps them prepare for future obstacles.

Regular meditation is encouraged for children continue their journey to a healthy, happy & successful life.


Sushumna Prathamik Sikshana

Age: 5 to 8 years
Day: Saturday
Language: Telugu

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Sushumna Bala Sikshana

Age: 8 to 14 years
Day: Saturday
Language: English

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