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Yogic Cleanse



Welcome to our program called ‘Yogic Cleanse’!

We are happy to introduce the ‘Yogic Cleanse’ program. A 49-day cleanse, specially designed for “You”, which calms the Mind, soothes the Body and rejuvenates the Soul. Summer has been intense and it’s the right time for a cleanse to prep your body, build immunity and prepare for the Monsoon.

Our daily routine and cleansing boosters include simple and readily available ingredients from the household kitchen. As you follow our plan for just 7 weeks, you will see your body cleanse, weekend by weekend and you will feel a healthy connection with your body and deeper connection with your mind. More importantly you will sense how beautifully your body, mind and spirit are united.

When the body is filled with toxins (due to external and internal factors); you feel low on energy, nutrients are not properly absorbed and no wonder, the mind also feels clogged. But as you start focusing on your body, flush all the unnecessary substances and metabolic by-products, the body becomes lighter and healthier while the mind gets more alert and active.

Further what we generally call the mind is also comprised of 2 aspects.

  1. The logical mind – centre of thoughts, logic, pattern recognition, memory & connections
  2. The intellect – centre of intelligence, beliefs, values, identity, impressions & preferences
    The mind is disturbed by both aspects due to several events, views, manias, phobias, conditioning’s, fallacies, seasoning, opinions, judgements, occurrences, fears, complexes, etc. These cause a compulsion within the individual who believes in the internal clutter and chatter and often loses to the reality as it is. Thus we get entrapped in the complexes as are described here.

Intentional re-set

Any episode of cleansing is as successful as you want it to be. So setting a firm intention for your cleanse is the first step to prepare for it. Make a commitment to do something better for your holistic health (self) in life. Review and retrospect on your intent and determination.

Why are you cleansing? What do you want out of it? Would you like to heal and start afresh? How is your new determination going to be successful? What can derail you? How do you plan to follow the habit and not deviate from your self-improvement intention? Think about these questions, or even write them down. Reflect on the thoughts/penned notes 2 or 3 times a day. Setting an intention is an important part of cleansing both mind and body.

Once “you are willing” to take necessary action every day, for 49 days to cleanse your body, mind, and soul; we promise you that this routine is going to be very effective. Without further ado, seize the day and make use of our special plan.

Did we pique your curiosity? Want to know what does this include? 3 modules.

1. ‘Yogic cleanse’, A 49-day detox plan to boost your energy and health.
2. A Do-it-Yourself 21 minute meditation technique.
3. An evaluation of your mental state and growth via a 15-minute contemplation and introspection.

When you have finished the first-step and are committed to continue – Click on I am ready! …else save some time and stop here, get back when your intentions are firm.


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