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A framework for Living Well


All of us every day, go through a number of happy moments, sad ones, issues, risks, uneasy situations, smart solutions, challenging problems and uncomfortable decisions. While these are supposed to make life interesting in variety and give hope, we often fall short of enthusiasm and energy to live in harmony and anticipation. This cycle of good-n-bad of righteousness-injustice rolls and repeats time and again and we still get immersed and submerged without realizing the lessons it teaches us. In fact, our scriptures tell us of the same facts.

According to the scriptures we know of 4 Yugas (Epochs or Ages) that repeatedly cycle through:

  1. Satya Yuga: Age of Peace and Harmony (Dharma). Everyone is happy, healthy and prosperous
  2. Treta Yuga: Age of Dilution & Discord (Dharma Vs. Adharma). Loss of Harmony, Conflict between kingdoms – peoples went to war – recall the battle of Ayodhya Rama Vs Lanka Ravana
  3. Dwapara Yuga: Age of Degradation – Age of Animosity (Violence and Injustice). Loss of Principles & Values, Conflicts within the family – brothers were at war – recall the Pandava Vs. Kaurava brothers
  4. Kali Yuga: Age of Immorality – Loss of Morality, Conflicts within the individual – no peace. Tendency to deteriorate, internal conflicts cause impure thoughts and disgraceful actions – relate to life today

In today’s age of Kali Yuga, we experience the pain of stress, mis-matched expectations, Social personal and internal problems due to our minds complexes and the dillusion/the gradation of values. This moral and cultural degradation had happened  over few generations.   While the information explosion and knowledge disposition today, has educated children on the who’s who of the world, material facts and what’s on the news, it has failed to impart life-oriented education. Are we today preparing the next generation for righteous living by setting the example of good living?

Children today fall short on understanding of our scriptures, spiritual living guidelines, mythology, life, principles and values that drive life. We do not inculcate the right environment for their growth and do not set a good example ourselves by living the right lifestyle for them to emulate. This causes conflicts of various levels that subdues quality of life and slowly leads to disharmony within the self. Children learn from us, hence we must live the right life to build the next generation.

Let us reflect on what causes lack of harmony and peace within the individual. When our body, mind and soul are not aligned we get inner-conflict. This prevents us from enjoying the awesomeness of life (to enjoy which we have taken birth).

Upon Introspection (essential part of a Yogi’s daily rigor) and Reflection one shall find the root cause of all inner conflict is four fold:

  1. Firstly – We have a feeling of insecurity. Triggered from a Fear of Unknown or Uncertainty Complex.
  2. Secondly – We compare our situation with that of others. This comparison attitude of us Vs. them causes tension and leads to Superiority or Inferiority complexes.
  3. Thirdly – an anticipation of the materialization of our expectations – also known as the Realization Complex.
  4. Fourth and lastly – a fear of manifestation of reality – also known as the Eventuality Complex.

Once we realize these simple root causes of all conflict within us, we can through a regular practice of meditation and silent introspection; overcome our mental chatter that consumes the largest part of our energy and prevents us from enjoying every moment. Thus it is essential for us to make improvements and adopt practices that rejuvenate our bodies and mind, and in the process cleansing environment as well, which establishes a frame work for living well. It is also important  we reflect and contemplate for 15 minutes everyday observing our own thoughts, words, action and choices made, towards living happily and holistically.

Our Beloved Guru’s have designed this simple framework to cleanse and revive the body, mind and soul continuum. By following three simple steps, anyone can overcome their inner conflict and start living in harmony to progress towards “Well-being”.

The Detox & Rejuvenation framework

3 simple self-help steps towards transforming your life for the better!

  1. Body: A 49 day detox routine to cleanse the material body from within. Eat/Drink/Breathe right.
  2. Mind: Understand the 4 root causes of conflict above. Determine to improve your personality by eliminating each complex one at a time. Over a 48 day period (12 days/complex * 4 complexes) you will be able to gain control on your character and build a strong mind. Introspect for 15 mins./day to make a habit of it.
    • Pick a dimension/complex you direly need to improve on and practice improving it for 6 days
    • For 6 days more introspect on the complex and observe your thoughts, words and deeds
    • By repeating this 12 days cycle on each complex, one will be able to overcome their conflicts
  3. Soul: Make it a practice to practise Sushumna Kriya Yoga every day for 21/49 minutes


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