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Vijaya Madhavi Dandu Experiences


Meditation, Guru – We can’t accept that these work similarly in all ways for everyone, the reason being that each one’s energy fields are different…, Auras are also different. One should follow whatever is suitable to them but should not be influenced by advertisements – this is a great message we can learn from Madhavi’s experience.
Since childhood, Madhavihas been very much interested in meditation and hence, joined in a Meditation Group. Her mother was also in this path of Gurus and devotion – she naturally had this impression that all paths and all Gurus are good. But due to that meditation she felt an increase in stress, fear and anxiety….. within six months she went into depression. When consulted with a doctor, he advised her to stop meditation immediately. Fear-struck after hearing this, she stepped out of the path of that meditation. Slowly she was back to normal. After sometime she started health related meditation but didn’t feel completely satisfied. Madhavi, after a year of practicing Sushumna Kriya Yoga experienced that there was a notable improvement in her health conditions, situations and spiritual progress.
Talking to many people in this process and listening to experiences, she realized that some meditations can lead to damage of the energy centers and might lead to many kinds of diseases, disturbed thoughts and may lead to a damage in the nervous system. It should not be assumed that each and every or any form of Meditation is supreme and can be attempted liberally. There could be an irreversible damage in the nervous system – realized madhavi. “I was fortunate to have chosen the path of Sushumna Kriya yoga before suffering any serious consequences.” Says madhavi. In my experience, there is no need for the Guru to be with us always in the physical form. “Guru is always inside us, with us. What we need to have is the Guru Bhava” – this has to be followed by all Sushumna Kriya Yogis says madhavi.
While meditating at a Ramalayam in Dharmasthala area in Sringeri, madhavi experienced tremendous vibrations from Mataji and couldn’t close her eyes. She experienced Mataji’s vibrations go into her eyes like flames of fire and also experienced Babaji’s “Urdhvadrushti”…. She lost control over her body and realized she was going into a deep meditative state. Until Vijayanagaram Parvathiji tapped on her shoulder, she was not able to come out of her intense meditative state explains madhavi. She was totally unaware of her physical name, details and her very existence in that state. After this amazing experience and with Mataji’s grace madhavi was able to go into deep meditation. She is a meditator who doesn’t and would not be able to miss meditation even for a single day. Madhavi’s experiences illustrate how important it is to choose a meditation that ensures wellbeing, protection, training, health and spirituality.


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