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Venuji Srirangam Experiences


Sri Venu ji, who is from Warangal, got initiation from mataji in February 2017, in a public class. Since then, he practices meditation regularly with great reverence, devotion and dedication.
On the very first day of his meditation , he could visualize a luminous light with a small star within.
Within a few days of his meditation, he experienced his tongue automatically turning inward and touching the uvula. He came to know that this was kechari mudra and it would only be possible after many years of practicing continuous meditation. When he realised that he could experience such a state very early after starting sushumna kriya yoga, his dedication towards it has increased exponentially. While continuing his practice of meditation he became aware of the changes in his thought process, awareness in the way he talks and his activities. He enlightened himself to the fact that he was merely a soul.
At Tiruchendur, during the yagnam on gurupoornima, all sushumna kriya yogis sat in a circle on the sea shore with pujyasri Atmanandamayi mataji performing yagna in the centre of that circle. In his meditating while yagna was being performed, he saw something beautiful in his vision. He could see a lotus blooming from the middle of the ocean which gradually covered the entire ocean. He could see a vibrant Pujyasri Aathmanandamayi Mathaji in the centre of that lotus. The radiant full moon became her bindi, a star made up her nose stud and a giant srichakra took shape out of the energies radiating from Mathaji. That srichakra kept emitting energies in the form of colourful aura. In the midst of it, Mathaji blessed each and every kriyayogi who were meditating on that shore. Venu ji says that he can never forget this beautiful experience for his life.
It is a common misconception that only those who are always in close quarters of mathaji would have many wonderful experiences. In fact, the visons, the association and the blessings are experienced by those who completely surrender and devote themselves. This fact is re-established by the experience of venu ji’s.


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