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Vanaja Saripella Experiences


Vanajaji from Muramalla is one of the few fortunate sadhakas who had many beautiful experiences owing to her devotion towards the Guru and self surrenderence. Vanaja ji is one among those people who have witnessed Pujyasri Atmanandamayi Mataji taking the karmic deeds of sadhakas and neutralizing them as much as possible and sometimes with a state of sankalpa how mataji takes these karmas upon herself and experiences them. Vanaja ji used to suffer a lot physically. When she prayed about her situation to gurus, she saw bunch of bananas falling off from the banana plantation in the farm and she understood that due to meditation her karmas are falling off in the same way.
… Before she started meditating she was suffering from acute lower back pain. Initially when she started meditating, she understood the reason for this suffering. In her past life she was the reason for a snake to be killed. It got hurt on its back only, due to which it could move only it’s head and could not move it’s back. She could clearly see that in that state, that snake had cursed her thus – “you will also suffer like me”….
Within a few days of meditation, when she was living alone in Kolligal, fear gripped her. During that time she had the darshan of sri ramana maharshi , she could feel the footsteps of lord Anjaneya Swamy, swamy doing japa with a pearl necklace in snow capped mountains. When she broke coconut, twice one of the broken shell was empty. When she asked about this, the gurus conveyed her that due to meditation half of her karmas were washed away–because of all these experiences she was confident enough to say – “when I don’t have a feeling of self surrenderence I stop meditating”. Mataji’s words that good feel along with meditation is very important hold utmost value for her . At mookambika devi temple vanaja ji was fortunate enough to be able to see how the devi ma through mataji was neutralizing the karmas .
Only with the good feeling of self surrenderence, and through meditation – vanaja ji had many wonderful spiritual experiences.


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