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Syamala ji Experience


I got introduced to mataji in 2015, through my husband who is a disciple of mataji. My husband is working as DIG of Andhra Pradesh. While he was working as CVSO-TTD, he attended divya babaji sushumna kriya yoga meditation program at the eve of guru pournami in tirupati. A series of bad incident occurred, at a point of time which made the whole environment filled with sadness. In august, 2015 my mother-in-law had expired and later in October,2015 my father-in-law also expired. After sometime my mother had been hospitalized and also had undergone a bypass surgery. She was fragile and weak because of which she could not withstand the surgery due to this she was in hospital for more than 45 days. These incidents which occurred in our house bought some sought of disturbance in our lives. During that difficult time mataji had came to our house and initiated group meditation. She advised us to continue meditation for 49 days and 49mins each day, and she had also told us that everything would come to normal. At the end of 49th day mataji had came to our house for the closing session of meditation along with her disciples.it was indeed a pleasant and memorable day. It was a great surprise to all of us that my mother’s health had come to normal before completion of 49days of meditation. I believed that all went well due to mataji’s blessings. Mataji has also helped my parents for their smooth celestial journey, that is to reach the ultimate destination in the process of 49days of meditation at our house. Whenever I got stuck in some problem, I used to tell my issues to mataji in my heart. Sometimes when I got mentally stressed out and I was not able to take a proper decisions, I used to get solution through sudden interventions from mataji disciples which are some messages of mataji. one day, when I was in great sorrow, mataji’s disciple spoke to me over phone as she was introduced by mataji to interact. She had many experiences which made me feel mataji is always with me- listening to me, observing me and protecting me. I was overwhelmed with joy, with such great experiences. one can be safe and secure in a mother’s womb for 9 months but we all can be safe and secure in mataji’s presence throughout our lives. I am very lucky to have such comfort and security in the shade of mataji and small place in her paradise, my salutation to her holiness..
Om shri gurubhyo namaha​…..


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