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Swarnalatha Chintalapati Experiences


Having a mother like Mrs.Vijayalakshmi, who is engrossed in Sushumna Kriya Yoga, and is
replete with devotion, knowledge and renunciation, is a great luck in itself! Her daughter, Mrs.
Swarnalatha had the fortune of meeting Mataji and taking initiation in 2010…After coming back
to Canada, in her meditation she was fortunate to hear the inner voice “Soul is the only truth –
Soul is ever pervading”.She understood that everyday even if she didn’t set the alarm for meditation,she was being woken up at the same time by the gurus. In one of the group meditations, Lord Krishna,
Vinayaka and Anjaneya Swamy appeared to her and said “Sushumna Kriya Yogis don’t need to
seek fulfillment of any wish from us. By meditating and spreading this to others, you  can
obliterate yourself off your own karmas”. This message is venerable for all Sushumna Kriya
Once, On the birthday of Sri Lahari Mahasaya, Mrs. Swarnalatha saw a vision of him offering
Padanamaskara to Sri Sri Sri Mahavatar Babaji. She wasn’t even aware of the fact that same
day was Sri Lahari Mahasaya’s birthday.
When she was enroute Sringeri  for guru pournami from Canada, she managed to narrowly
evade a potentially dangerous road accident, which she later realized that the gurus themselves
have saved her from the very same.
In Sringeri, after GuruPournami puja, yagna ans after the darshan of Sringeri Saradamatha &
kolluru Mookambika Matha, in the temple of Sri Annapurna devi while meditating with Mataji, it
appeared to her that Mataji had come out of Sri Annapurna Matha’s idol and served
Mrs.Swarnalatha with Pongal prasad thrice. When she asked Mataji about this vision, Mataji
had in response explained “In accordance with the command of Adishankara, we meditated in
the peetas of the three deities installed by him. Thus the three deities have graced you with the
prasad.”….this actually means that all the meditators present there must have experienced this
magnificent grace in astral form and Mrs.Swarnalatha was infact fortunate to view this.
When she had an opportunity to conduct a class in Tenali, she was able to see Bhoganath
Siddhar ji, Mahavatar Babaji, Lahari Mahasaya, Yukteswara Giri, Paramahamsa Yogananda
along with Pujyasri Aathmanandamayi Mataji on the stage. The darshan of Lahari Mahasaya
with the Yoga Mudra is very remarkable!
Sushumna Kriya Yogi Swarnalatha, was free from tensions due to this meditation. It is
noteworthy that her friends who were meditators also observed alleviation in health problems.
In 2016 March, during Shivratri time, early in the morning during meditation, Swarnalatha had
seen our Mataji at the Gyanananda Ashram main door with her disciples. On both sides of
Mataji, Sri Bhoganath Maharshi and Sri Mahavatar Babaji were seen with their disciples. Cow
and calf were also seen. A big elephant was adorning Mataji with a garland. Mrs Swarnalatha
saw this wonderful vision of  whole path been filled with rangolis, flowers, decorations and she
saw Siva-Parvati shower flowers on the Gurus from above.
Mrs. Swarnalatha living in Canada got to know only later that Shivratri celebrations that year
were conducted in Bheemavaram in the very same Gnanananda Ashram.
Her daughter KrishnaPriya also had many divine experiences. In meditation, this girl saw that
from Mataji’s mudra a global energy ball was created, and it transformed into  numerous small
balls merging into each and every kriyayogi's dhyanamudra. The greatness of this meditation is well expounded by Mrs Swarnalatha’s experiences to
Sushumna Kriya Yogis.


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