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Subbalaxmi Sakineti Experiences


Subbalakshmi ji, was one of the fortunate one’s to have the vision and initiation from mataji within a few days of coming to know about sushmna kriya yoga, through matajis disciple kumari ji.
Due to the practice of sushumna kriya yoga she noticed a gradual decrease in her thyroid problem, difficulty due to itchiness and weakness. thus,her confidence and concentration increased in this meditation . In meditation she visualised a beautiful loka (a heavenly planet ) which was white in colour, she had a vision of vashistha maharshi ji , in one of her past lives her name was bhunisa ,in another birth she had a vision as a housewife in a house of three daughter in laws likewise she had many more experiences in meditation.In one of her previous births she was a rich householder and when she could not clean the house ,frustrated she would throw all the things which she would hold in her hands, due to these reasons she feeka that in this life though she has plenty of money she has to face many difficulties living in a small house ,realising thus how one is living each and every second with what feel,how is our thought process knowing about this is so important not only for her but it stands important to each and every sushumna kriya yogi.
Once again in meditation, she visualised and could notice that in one of her past lives her uncle (father’s younger brother)was a priest in a temple . She could visualise how her dream to send her son to foreign countries for education turn into a reality in her vision,visualization of lord shiva , in palani the shivlinga which she saw in a place where sri bhognath siddar ji took his samadhi the same linga she visualized it physically,in which college her daughter sushmi would study all these experiences she could visualize before hand in her meditative state .Due to mataji ‘s grace her son could get a seat in a good college,when astrologers predicted that their son has ill fate, though he had to face a big accident,seeing him come out with no injuries, she understood the importance of doing the meditation.when she had a real vision of lord shiva come for alms in his physical form and passing energies to her she was in a shock and was unable to believe it .is it true ??Or an illusion??She got an answer to her dilemma from mataji that it was true and conveyed to her not to go out of home and told her that all her family members should hold each other’s hand and do meditation ..Then subbalakshmi ji could understand what actually was an energy transference . She also noticed energy flowing from the photos.
If such wonderful experiences have been experienced by a simple housewife like Subbalakshmi ji, we all can also understand the speciality of Sushumna Kriya Yoga very easily.


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