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Srighakollapu Lakshmi Kumari Experiences


Kumari ji is among the initial disciples of Mataji. The bhava is of highest priority in her meditation process. Kumari ji was among those who were able to understand the importance of third eye meditation. When she chanted the mantra “Gangecha, Yamunechaiva, Godavari, Saraswati” with complete bhava she had the darshan of Ganga matha adorned in radiant white drapes. Puzzled if it was just her illusion, she asked Mataji about the same. Mataji confirmed that it was infact true vision and explained the importance of bhava. Thereafter, Kumariji continued to get visions of Mother Ganga.
“With complete bhava and surrenderance, our desperation and questions can reach Mataji and we would immediately be able get the darshan of Mataji”…says Kumariji. Chanting the Gayathri Mantra and with her attention in the third eye region, Kumariji proceeds with her daily tasks. The very first Guru Pournami of Sushumna Kriya Yogis was conducted in Kumariji’s house – such is her fortune!
She got acclimatized to meditate for hours continuously with bhava. She was able to experience energy flow from Bhoganatha Sidhar into her body.
Mataji once enlightened Kumari ji with the following words; “You will work…you will be able to do this divine work…whatever you need to understand, will come from within yourself. When we teach meditation to others, we sow seeds inside them and when their Karmas are balanced they will automatically come into the spiritual path. All the Vedas are embedded within us. As we progress in soul realization, whatever is required at any specific time, it will take the form of a thought or a vision. As we took a human birth on earth, we have to complete our responsibility here.”
After receiving this beautiful upadesha from Mataji, Kumariji dedicated herself to visit every school and teach Sushumna Kriya Yoga to everyone. Mataji also told her that, Each one of us is guided by our own soul. The soul is our own guru. If we follow our soul we will always maintain our elevated position. By meditating and passing on this meditation to many others, we will always be able to progress very fast. When we reach a thoughtless state, we will be able to do more work.
“When we become a ‘zero’, simply follow the Guru and watch everything as an observer without getting involved, our responsibilities will automatically be fulfilled. The body will also be able to complete its role in the materialistic world. ” – with this Upadesha of Mataji she imbibed the essence of BhagavadGita and implemented the same in her everyday life. The Upadeshas which Kumari ji received from Mataji are extremely valuable to all Sushumna Kriya Yogis.


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