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Sridevi Devisetti Experiences


In a materialistic world, living the life of a homemaker with very simple expectations and thoughts, Sreedevi ji was in the midst of financial troubles. Post 8 years of Sushumna Kriya Yoga practice, her mother was able to overcome her illness, their business had grown a hundred times, her son who got average marks completed his engineering studies with good marks and she even has experienced some divine visions.
Owing to “Introspection” which is a part of Sadhana, she made amendments to her personality. She developed the habit of having self-introspection about each and everything she does in her life and keeping a check on the way she’s handling her thoughts and she had the determination to work only towards self-realization and her soul-elevation. To reach to this kind of mental state, is truly extraordinary.
Sreedevi ji started Sushumna Kriya Yoga practice in 2010 February. While she was satisfied with the Kriya Yoga which she was practising after reading the book “Autobiography of a Yogi”, she was fortunate to have been initiated into ‘Sushumna’ Kriya Yoga practice by Parvathi ji. In the early days itself, in her meditation, Sri Sri Sri Bhoganath Maharshi garu had appeared in her vision thrice and said to her – “This is the Kriya Yoga, which you wanted to learn for a long time”. These visions of the Guru along with the spread of fragrances all around which she could feel were great experiences for her.
During one of her meditation sessions, there were Sadhus filled within each part of her body, the gurus made their presence and all of them were seen merging into Bhoganath Maharshi. “Oh! These must be called the Parama Gurus!” – she thought.
Parvathi ji told her that with Sushumna kriya yoga, any kind of illness could be cured. Immediately Sridevi ji taught this sushumna kriya yoga to her mother who was suffering from B.P, Sugar, Breast cancer and heart problem. All the family members started practicing this sushumna kriya Yoga. There was an amazing improvement in her mother’s health and other family members. They had some beautiful experiences accompanied with an improvement in their situations.
“I should teach this Sushumna Kriya Yoga to others too”, thought Sridevi ji and with the blessings of Mataji, she did a public class in Vizag. Lord Siva and Parvati themselves had blessed her son with a Rudraksha mala. Sreedevi ji feels that Gurus have presented their family with a protective net in the form of that Rudraksha mala.
In 2018, their intention to take up the Manasa Sarovar Yatra was interrupted due to some reasons. One Monday on a Amavasya day, when Sreedevi ji was meditating, she had a vision of Lord Shiva himself with the Trishula in his hands, rudrakshas, kamandala, beads and blanket. She could clearly hear the words say,” You don’t have to come to the Himalayas to see me.” She was shocked and was in doubt as if though it must have been her illusion. She also wondered how a normal person like her could have a darshan as divine as that. The moment she thought this, she saw a divine light from the Lords foot to the head and Lord Shiva was sitting with the Sri Chakra Mudra and indicated to Sreedevi ji that– “Due to this mudra, you are able to see me and talk to me. All this is the effect of the mudra”. That divine vision continued for around two hours – this is only because of the blessings of Mataji says Sreedevi ji.
“I am a good person – compassionate, benign and kind” – Sreedevi ji, who thought so about herself, with the process of “self-introspection” was able to keep away from a lot of unnecessary thoughts.
For anyone how would think that they would be able to understand the supreme Sushumna Kriya yoga despite being a normal human being?Whoever thinks this way, Sridevi ji’s experiences are like rays of the sun touching us.These experiences and victories in today’s materialistic world would impart a lot of wisdom.


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