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Sri Balaji Experiences


For us as meditators, even in the presence or away from our Guru we have this feeling of uncertainty about the changes occurring in our subtle body. Also, if we are disciplined enough to be aware of the shift happening in our subtle body form. It is quite a miraculous experience of our Sushumna Kriya Yogi, Sri Balaji, on how one can be guided and monitored under the protective shield of our Mataji.
In the year of 2014, Sri Balaji got his initiation from Mataji in a public class held at Shilpakala Vedika, Hyderabad. After ten days of regular practice, something occurred one night after his regular practice of meditation. When Balaji was in a sleep state he experienced a spiritual transition of energy flow. The awakening he felt was from within his body. He then witnessed a silver shaded serpent in a tiny triangular shape, came out and disappeared into the region of his head.
Coming from a person who has learnt and experienced various meditation works and techniques by different masters, this was a beautiful experience for him even before completing the 49-day Diksha. Mataji had bestowed on him to experience the awakening of Kundalini Shakti.
On another occasion, mataji had appeared to him as Padmavathy Devi. When he put forth the question to mataji, she told him that in his previous birth he was an upasaka of Padmavathy Devi. So thus, is the reason why she appeared to him as Padmavathi Devi.
In one of his meditation session he constantly smelt mud around him. Then enfolded a vision where he was surrounded with thick roots and a black globe. Then it dawned on him that the Gurus had taken him down into the Earth field where he had become one with it. In another occasion, when he was inhaling and exhaling deep breaths he got connected to the spiritual universe and divine worlds. He could astral travel between the Divine worlds (Divya Lokas) which was a blessed experience.
Following that incident in the year of 2016, November 11th, Karthika Poornima class, he experienced that his body had expanded. He felt like a high energy field who was gigantic and heavy. When he opened his eyes after meditation, he saw a huge serpent who held its hood as an umbrella for mataji. On paramaguru’s too, he could visualize another hood of a serpent.
Just as he had wondered if mataji would know about all this, mataji blessed him with an amazingly pleasant smile! That evening, when the couple Jeevan and Vamshi had told him – “It seems you had an amazing experience today. Mataji told us”, Balaji got thrilled at the thought that mataji was aware of his experience.
Thus, realizing the spiritual growth happening within himself, he wondered with who he can share his experience. After passing by of eight months he met mataji. Then she asked him “Are you able to understand the changes happening within you? “ that is when it dawned on him that he was under the protection of a great guru. What he experienced and understood was that Sri Sri Sri Aathmanandamayi mathaji is not only a provider but also a protector, teacher and an observer. She is continuously transmitting her pranic energy to her disciples.


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