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Complete Well-being in 7 Weeks


Your Body is the most powerful tool you have and it is your biggest source of Energy, So ensuring it is fully recharged and at its best is vital for every one of us. Today, We are introducing you to a 49 day regime for a complete detox to get rid of your toxins, replenish your body and get on track again. This is not a diet plan, but something you can do along with your normal diet in a course of day and boost your system.Since this is one of your first steps towards a healthier body, We will be sending you a week by week schedule for 7 weeks. It has all the information on how you could do this simple and affordable cleanse at home and it will be shared with you and is absolutely free. Our detox plan specifically designed for individuals who want to take responsibility and make a change to their body.

This has been designed keeping in mind that no cleanse is complete if just addresses only either the body or mind. A complete cleanse must include a deep cleanse on all levels of Body, Soul and Mind and if done together it would bring amazing results!

Our body is one of the best gifts of God. It is composed of 72000 Nerves and 7 Chakras of which Sushumna Nadi is the most important nerve, conducting the life force or Prana through all the Chakras ensuring a balance in Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Energy which in other words is a well-balanced and fully functioning Body. Any blockages or negativity due to our day to day activities may disrupt the regular functioning, and hence with complete mindfulness, one must ensure that it is regulated with a proper Yoga, diet and Meditation, which is why we have created this simple and easy plan of 49 days, 7 days for each Chakra, along with a detox consisting of a few exercises and breathing techniques and our special ingredients available in every kitchen.

So hurry, and enroll for the plan.

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