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Sireesha Rudraraju Experience


Sushumna Kriya yoga foundation was created by the supreme order of our Gurus with utmost
discipline and excellent supervision by Sri Sri Atmanandamayi Mataji. Sirisha  was selected as
secretary for this foundation. Many of us would be curious to know, who Sirisha is and how did she
evolve on this spiritual path? Why was she the “chosen one” by the Gurus for the work she was
endorsed with? It’s not just sufficient, to be humble or have love for the foundation or devotion
towards Mataji or financial stability to carry on with foundation work. Gurus selected her not only
based on her education, spiritual journeys and her experiences, but also viewed energy work,
done in her previous birth.
“How was I before entering in to Sushumna Kriya yoga?”, wonders Sirisha. In fact, Sirisha had
very little knowledge. She often wondered, does devotion, spirituality and self-realization occurr in a
chronological order? Like many other youngsters, she was attracted to worldly pleasures, luxury
and material aspects of life.
Like many of us, she believed that by her offering to Sai Baba she would get her desired results in life.
For example when she secured a good rank in EMCET she perfromed 108 circumbulations at
the Sai Temple (pradhakshanas), same was done for her engineering and when she found a
good partner in alliance she got the holy book of Sai-charita distributed to several people.
Later she went to America for pursuing a job in Information Technology with a handsome salary.
She didn’t visit India for 4 years as she didn’t want to lose her dollar earnings. She was
completely lost in the illusion of the materialistic world. How did such a materialistic person, change
in to the spiritual path? How did Sirisha become one of the “chosen few”?
Guru’s alone can help to cross the  ocean of sufferings and karmic influences of a disciple.
What she says in her own words is:  “I was living like a free bird enjoying life, but with the birth
of my son, reality dawned upon me”.
Her son was not eating properly and she was worried about his health. His unwillingness to stay
with anybody and inadequate diet caused her to lose the freedom to work. Due to these
circumstances she was building up anger and becoming impatient. This in turn affected her health. Due
to lack of sleep, anger, worry, etc. she felt her life had become topsy-turvy. She tried various
types of meditations, yoga and Reiki healing techniques. None of the above improved her
It is true that, in such situations only Gurus can provide comfort to the pained and saddened
By the grace of Gurus in 2011 her cousin introduced her to Sushumna Kriya yoga.
Sirisha  would not accept anything at face value without doing her research. She found out and
realised that Kriya yoga has had a history of several thousands of years.  She realized the value

of Sidda traditions, and started to rejuvenate through Kaya-kalpa (Alchemic) treatments founded
by the great sage Sri Boganatha Siddar. She her self experienced a lot of peace and saw
positive changes in her son. With these positive changes in her life, she was convinced and she
developed immense liking and respect for Sushumna Kriya yoga.
She was blessed with tremendous courage so that she could leave a high end job, status and
her artistically built beautiful house, and return to India for good. Her son who earlier used to
trouble her a lot, strangely became normal during her 3 months stay in India.
Later, she was blessed with a chance to meet Mataji. Amma told her to chant “Aum” to stop the
negative thoughts. With her blessings, as soon as she started meditation, with her focus in the
agnya chakra region, she envisioned a Rishi with saffron robes surrounded by light. She felt
elated when Mataji said, that Rishi is 300 years old and he is “One Of The Guiding Masters” for
Mataji added –“180 primary and 360 secondary spiritual workers have taken birth, and are
ready for our meditation work”. When Sirisha came to know that she is one of the 180 primary
supporters she understood, how gracious the Gurus have been and how lucky she was.
Earlier she was scared and not confident to deliver speeches. Today she organises classes
beautifully and speaks about her experiences with ease.
She is now at such a stage, where she can hear the beautiful “Aum” chants of Bhoganath
In Arunachalam, “Mataji said that there’s both good and bad in this world. Like the swans of lore
take only milk and leave water behind,  take only good, leave the bad”. She said – “Be practical,
don’t be sedentary and just let life go on. Just as we accept happiness in our lives , so also must
we take the hard times, the same way.” These words had a deep impact on Sirisha and were deeply
engrained in her.
She realised during meditation what we dream and the visions we get may not be real. Those
are the tricks played by our sub conscious mind, unless Mataji confirms that it is true.
Due to our karmic connections, when passing through very difficult times, we lose lot of energy.
What’s the use of repeatedly thinking and talking about those negative situations, causing one
to loose energy again and again? Hence it is wise to not discus on difficulties. Any difficulty or
loss is to reduce our karmic baggage. Gurus will take care of our troubles. This is the lesson
Sirisha learnt.
Sirisha was blessed twice by Mataji who stated “You are pure “.
Any good work can be accomplished with 49 minutes, 49 days meditation .These nectar like
words from Mataji are greatly honored by all Sushumna Kriya yogis.
During the 144 th Kumbh Mela 18 Siddhas planned for a ritual called Athi Rudra yagna. In
Kumbhamela Gurus attend the fire-ritual (yagna) in their subtle form.  According to one’s
capability one can receive the grace of Gurus shower of energy. Sirisha understood these
words spoken by Mataji.
During Kumbhamela time she imparted knowledge of Sushumna Kriya yoga to 12,000 people.
Not only these, with hardship she imparted knowledge of Sushumna Kriya yoga to lot of people
in America too. Because of good grace of Gurus she could face both losses and bad times with
Babaji is happy with her work ,so as a blessing, gifted her with a Saligrama .
All the family members of Sirisha  are Sushumna Kriya yogis.
These wonderful experiences of Sirisha , are examples, for all the Sushumna Kriya yogi
spiruality seekers.


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