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Ramachandra Raju ji chintalapati Experiences


With utmost belief and complete surrenderance to the holy feet of our Guru Mata Pujyasri Aatmanandamayi mataji Garu, Ramachandra raju garu and Vijayalaxmi garu of Ganapavaram are practicing Sushumna kriya yoga for the last 10 years.
Ramachandra raju garu leads a highly disciplinary life and at the age of 75yrs, he actively participates in all the services of Divya Babaji Sushunma Kriyayoga foundation competing with the youth volunteers.
On Sunday, June 16th 2019, the couple started off to attend the group meditation at Times of India office in Hyderabad. Shortly Raju garu had noticed that he was not carrying his purse and reading glasses, so he went back to reach them at his house. Actually from the early hours of that day he was experiencing chest pain, which he brushed aside as he was too occupied in attending the group meditation.
As he was approaching his house, he did experience severe pain in his chest with discomfort in the abdomen and had an urgent urge to attend the washroom. In the washroom he had sudden emptying of bowel and got drenched in sweat. He felt restless with reeling sensation in his head. Somehow he managed to come out of the washroom. With a large episode of vomiting, he collapsed in the corridor next to washroom. Lying on the floor, Ramachandra raju garu had a clear experience of his death. He could make out his life forces leaving his body. At that second he recollected the words of pujyasri Aathmanandamayi Matajigaru which said, ” Sushumna kriya yoga sadaka’s should never fear death, which is in fact the liberation from one’s karmic body. Rejoice and remember only our great gurus.”
At those ceasing moments, Ramachandraraju garu, recollecting Guru Mata’s words , remembered the great kriya yoga masters.
Suddenly, Mahavatar Babaji garu swirled as a hurricane around him and pushed back the life forces into his body. Ramachandra raju garu had great relief from the pain. He felt relaxed and comfortable, though he was still lying unconscious on the floor. Family members on reaching him, got panicked seeing him unconscious and fully drenched in sweat. In a state of shock not remembering about the ambulance services, they got a taxi and took him to the hospital. They managed to reach the hospital after 2 long hour of journey and in all those 2hrs Ramachandra raju garu had not received any emergency resuscitation services. Doctors were jaw dropped, finding him reach the hospital Live after 2hrs without any emergency resuscitation services. Later Ramachandra raju garu had an angiogram and coronary stent applied. When his wife Vijayalaxmi garu was permitted to see him in the ICCU , the very first thing he asked her was..“how is it we are here, have we not been to group meditation?”.
This is more than sufficient for us to understand his dedication towards Sushumna kriya yoga sadhana . As a token of appreciation to this dedication and surrenderance the great gurus blessed and leased him a second life.
According to medical sciences death is inevitable when a patient with severe cardiac infarction i,e.,Heart attack has sudden emptying of the gastrointestinal tract. In severe heart attack , due to very low oxygen saturation , the spincters of gastrointestinal tract relax, leading to sudden emptying. This sudden emptying of the GI tract causes an acute drop in the blood pressure leading to severe acute circulatory failure, because of which the vital organs like brain, heart and kidney are deprived of even the minimal blood flow and eventually death occurs.
This was what had happened to Ramachandra raju garu, but the miraculous heavenly intervention of the Great kriya yoga master Mahavatar Babaji Garu leased him a second healthy life.
Pranams to the holy feet of our great Sushumna Kriya yoga gurus.
Om Sri Gurubhyo namaha.


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