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Preeti Agrawal Experiences


Sri Sri Sri Bhoganath Maharshi and Sri Sri Sri Mahavatar Babaji had blessed Mataji with the supreme knowledge of Sushumna Kriya Yoga; and post this the Gurus have made their presence known to many yogis who practiced this yoga with dedication and worked towards spreading of Sushumna Kriya Yoga. This is experienced by many Sushumna Kriya Yogis.
Preeti is from North India. On January 29th 2019, in the Kumbhamela, Preeti got the opportunity to meditate with three others. She bathed in the river Ganges and performed a homa. Post that she handed over the pamphlets related to Sushumna Kriya Yoga to everyone there and requested them to attend the meditation. There were many groups of Sadhus around and a few among them attended the meditation as well. As soon as Preeti’s father sat down for meditation, a Yogi arrived. He was examining everything around there and then looked at Preeti’s father and laughed. When Preeti requested him also to join them and meditate, he smiled pleasantly and said I also practice Kriya Yoga everyday in my kuteer(place of stay of Yogi). He then asked them to continue their meditation and also added – “You should tell everyone about Kriya Yoga and make more Yogis. By practicing this Sushumna Kriya Yoga, you will enjoy a series of victories in your life.” He was looking very pleasant with a great aura and magnetizing energy. There was something marvelous and commanding about his voice. On his forehead was a tricolor dot and Preeti was mesmerized by this Yogi. He left after a little while. As soon as Preeti’s father came out of his meditation, he said that the person who came was a great personality. He was able to hear all this conversation even while he was meditating. He wanted to open his eyes and convey that the yogi who made his presence was Sri Sri Sri Mahavatar Babaji, …but some supreme power didn’t allow him to do so. On hearing to this, Preeti and the other meditators were overwhelmed and exclaimed ”Aw! we were not able to recognize such a supreme personality as Babaji…we couldn’t touch his feet for blessings.”
They immediately tried to search for him, for Babaji’s darshan again so they can pay their respects. But Babaji was not seen anywhere! Preeti bows with gratitude to Mataji for bestowing her with these amazing experiences and visions. One would think that only Supreme souls like Mataji would have the darshan of the MahaGurus, but it is possible for anyone to have the darshan of great yogis through the practice of Sushumna Kriya Yoga – and this incident is a testament of the same.


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