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Shrimati Parvati ji is one  of the eminent disciples among the first kriya yogi disciples of Pujyasri Atmanandamayi mataji .Parvati ji got initiation from mataji on 18th january 2005.
Since 10 years parvati ji’s quest for a great guru and unkowing that great gurus like Mahavtar babaji,Sri lahari Mahasaya ji,param guru Bhognath siddar ji attend the sessions conducted by mataji ,to understand this truth she went through a lot of unique and different experiences in her life.
Once when she was traveling along with mataji for poornima meditation session.Within this time span of one month parvati ji practised meditation casually ,she could visualize only different colours  but she  didnot have any such exalting visions that she should remember .While traveling to peddamadi in between there was a small village mattlapalem .Parvatiji could clearly experience goddess at that place .When she referred this to mataji..Mataji confirmed saying yes  goddess Mahalakshmi is oresent there.later parvati ji could understand the truth that many gods and goddesses in that village come to see mataji. After reaching peddamadi she experienced different sweet scents ,fragrance  of the divine tulsi ,experiencing these she thus asked mataji what was all this marvellous fragrances..Then mataji said that  these are the fragrances of gurus who had  made their presence here before they have come. Parvathi ji had visions of gurus,divine gods and goddesses,she had lord shiva’s vision too. unable to overcome from these overflowing experiences in that state she asked mataji a unique wish that mataji can i get an initiation from a great divine guru who is not on this earth in the physical form .When parvatiji was called after a long time by mataji for meditation she asked mataji a strange wish that ,how mahavtar babaji ji initiated lahiri mahasaya ji the same way mataji i want you to make me get initiation from lahari mahasaya ji.Though knowing the outcome of this mataji for fulfilling the wish of her endearing disciple mataji carried on to fulfill parvatiji’s wish.In her meditation paravati ji had a vision of sri lahari mahasaya ji in which he blessed her in  many fruitful ways.After that as soon as he touched parvatiji’s head region  she felt as if was touched by a thousand volt electric current  and with that she was totally shaken up many times, rotated by the electrifying energy of lahiri maha saya ji..She could not bear it and fell and when she again gained consciousness many times she experienced the same thing happening to her.Due to all this she had a great dismal and she had a big vomiting.she could relax a little bit with the help of her aunt who came with her.The tremendous energy lesson which she could not bear and in no time she had  another beautiful visions. on the forehead her third eye region opened up and she had continuous beautiful experiences of gods,goddesses,live experiences didn’t stop even after she reached home .She could not stretch her legs and sleep as the gods were visible all around her  so where could she stretch her legs . When she used to  describe the visions parvatiji’s relations used to talk about her thinking that she might have gone mad .A bath with a pot full of salt water could give her a little relief.unable to bear all this with her friend bharathiji’s permission  parvathi ji went to mataji and holding mataji’s feet with great despair asked mataji saying amma in my third eye region please stop these visions and get me back to my normal state,with this mataji brought her back to her normal state.From that time onwards parvathi ji had only one sankalpam of practicing meditation and spreading of sushumna kriya yoga to each corner was her sole goal.Many sushumna kriya yogis get upset that they don’t get any visions inspite of practicing good meditation.But guru’s with their great grace see that without disturbing their disciple’s normal life on their subtle body and with their delicate touch every second they look after their disciples as their baby taking them to a great stage this truth we come to know from these experiences. mataji by her sankalpam for her disciple ‘s happiness how she could get initiation by great gurus and when the disciple unable to bear this with her great grace helping her to come to a normal state.For being  under the grace and guidance of  a great guru sri sri sri Atmanandamayi mataji .Each and every sushumna kriya yogi let us offer our floral tribute to her holy feet.


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