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Due to our cultural backgrounds,
since childhood we all have the habit of following the path of devotion by offering prayers, reciting ashtotras(108 names of god), chanting of stotras,doing japas,conducting holy worship , circumbalating the temple .Due to all this, one day or another questions like How come I did not woship my god… Alas how could I leave the goddess whom I prayed once? Might arise in us. In place of ‘self surrenderence’ many of us experience anxiety, fear,due to which we get very nervous, many of us go through this experience….So what is the solution to this problem?
When Murali Vepada ji posed this question,to Pujya Sri Athmanandamayi mataji,smiling at him she said, “practice Sushumna Kriya Yoga for 49 days and you will understand the solution” saying this, she blessed him. When mataji visited bombay , Murali ji was initiated into sushumna kriya yoga meditation by mataji. The biggest problem in bombay was, that one should vaccate the house they live in every 11 months and search for a new home… When he asks mataji to get him rid of this problem ,”practice meditation” mataji suggested him . What is this? Whenever i ask a solution to my problem, why does mataji always say “meditation first”!Murali ji until then only thought mataji as a great meditator,a state of complete trust and a feeling of surrenderence towards a guru still didn’t arise him . When he started meditating ,foul smells started coming, he got Worried due to this and said to himself – what’s this ? I heard of fragrances while meditating , but This is something different and his wife suggested him to stop meditating. Mataji said – that he had tremendous anger in his previous birth – which is being removed out by the guru’s– saying this – mataji blessed him- to meditate outside his house.Murali ji never forgot his first experience.
After completing of 49 days of meditation, after gurupuja yagnam in Sringeri, while listening to Ganapavaram Vijayaji’s experiences in the bus he felt an energy flowing into his body with which he had a big vomitting. In Udipi , When mataji appeared in the presence of Lord Krishna, while looking into mataji’s eyes muraliji started crying extremely looking into her eyes. But Muraliji did not know until Prasanthi Amma told him , that he had received a wonderful blessing which was unknown to him. Two rays of light (like laser beams) were passing from the eyes of pujya Sri Athmanandamayi mataji to Murali ji’s eyes in Sri Krishna ‘s temple…And that no one knows about it.
On the way from Udupi to the Dharmasthala , he felt sad that though he was in meditation he didnot completely surrender him self to mataji. Then Vijaya ji sat next to him and conveyed to him that the message the gurus sent him was received rightly by Murali ji . Murali ji, who has been suffering from severe burns since his arrival from Gurupuja, came to know that there is no sickness in him. When he enquired mataji, he heard the message ” Guru’s has neutralized your three births of Karma”,as soon as he listened to this message with total surrenderence thanked the param gurus for showering this blessings on him. Upon his arrival in Bombay, quarter ‘s were given by his company to murali ji thus, the first problem he shared with mataji was resolved. Mataji ‘s message was that each sushumna kriya yogi have to teach meditation to more than ten people, due to this Murali ji started the service of teaching meditation in his house with the grace of mataji. By bringing the “yagna bricks” from the Gurupoornima murali ji experienced how miraculous and how much energy flow there is.. Previously, when a problem arises he always wanted it to be solved in his favour. Now he has grown to such a great state that he thinks – Whatever happens its for our good and Whatever gurus give is like “Prasadam” . Teaching our meditation in a school of 1700 people, and teaching Sushumna Kriya Yoga meditation to all , is the best Guru Dakshina we can give to our mataji says murali ji.This state of achievement by Murali ji and his experiences are like lessons for every sushumna kriya yogi.


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