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Mr. Ramachandram Experiences


In response to Ramachandraji’s prayers to Shirdi Sai Baba, to show him his life’s purpose; he was able to get initiation into Sushumna Kriya Yoga directly from Sri Sri Sri Atmanandamayi Mataji. When Mataji commanded him “Get bananas”…he transformed from a stage where his thoughts would have been “Will Mataji pay me back for these bananas?” to an understanding that he had an association with Mataji since many births – and that she was his Guru maatha. Meditation and Mataji – Ramachandraji engrossed himself with these two aspects and reached a stage where he is able to experience the energies of Mataji by just thinking about Mataji.
Ramachandraji is one of the disciples who fully accepted and implemented Sri Sri Sri Atmanandamayi Mataji’s counsel that every meditator, in addition to meditating, should administer his/her responsibilities meticulously,… they should exhibit a loving demeanor,… accept good from everyone and work towards experiencing soul-happiness.
Ramachandraji who followed Mataji’s instruction – “Ramachandra! Meditate everyday. Realize the essence of meditation!” had highly amazing experiences.

On one Pournami day, after meditating when he was exploring nature, he experienced something strange. Every tree, anthill, item – all of these started appearing as another image shining with light…he had a similar experience with electric poles, buildings as well. “Is this an illusion or the truth?” he wondered. When he asked Mataji, Mataji explained thus – “Every being on this earth and even every thing on this earth has an energy body. You were able to see that energy field…When you progress in meditation, you will be able to see ‘aura’ also.” Ramachandraji then developed complete confidence in meditation. After a few more days of meditation, he was able to see a Maharshi in his meditation. The Maharshi who walked right in front of him was Bhrugu Maharshi and that he showed up to give energy to Ramachandraji…this was explained by Mataji. Ramachandraji then understood that if we meditate we will be able to see Rishis, Yogis, Munis, Gods and Goddesses in meditation….

.One day, Ramachandraji thought that he wanted to envision a love-filled, a great personality who gave his body away to take care of people who believed in him, one who is the reason for a new era –and had this thought in his mind while meditating for a week. One day during the evening twilight, one great personality appeared and started telling him something.
Ramachandraji started noting down whatever was told. That great personality said “ I am thirsty! Go! Get me water…. they will come again….” He ran immediately to a water pool near by and held the water in is hand….and he then came out of meditation…he didn’t remember any of what he wrote down. He also was in doubt – “Is the person I saw in my vision the same person whom I was aspiring to see?”
Ramachandra ji was in doubt because the person who he saw in meditation appeared to be very ancient. What he was expecting to see in his vision was a great personality revered in the current times. He thought of getting his doubt cleared by Mataji and also thought that she would say – “You saw the same person you wanted to envision”….but he wanted some convincing proof for the same.

Coincidentally, Ramachandraji had visited a friend’s photo studio and there he met a person from Yogada Satsang society. That person had some photos of Mahavatar Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya and Yogananda….and surprisingly he also had a photo of the Mahatma whom he had seen in meditation. Ramachandraji who asked “Who is he?”, was replete with happiness when he heard the response. That Mahatma whom he envisioned was Jesus Christ.
He not only was able to see him but was also able to talk to him! The next day when he visited Mataji… “Ramachandra! Did you find your proof? Was your doubt cleared?!” asked Mataji.

Mataji is omnipresent…and God personified is what Ramachandraji realized after that.
Ramachandraji understood that meditation is not just for a specific religion…people from all religions can meditate…. The superconsciousness is limitless….

His mind which was full of thoughts before he started meditating, had calmed down to only 4 or 5 thoughts after only a few days of meditation.
Lesser the thoughts, the more cosmic energy we can receive.
Ramachandraji who was very weak and who had a negative mindset before starting meditation, was able to give up all the indifferences and transformed into a complete positive thinker.
He also realized through introspection that his immunity to diseases has increased.
This meditation technique ensures both health of the body and mind.
When Mataji explained that the golden rings that move around him constantly like a blazing light is cosmic energy, he could then make complete sense of it.
After enduring the overwhelming energy flow, when he sat for meditation an austere saint appeared and said to him, “You have a Satyanarayana Vratam due”. Ramachandra ji asked in amazement “Who are you, Prabhu ?!” .
When he heard the response “I’m Sukra” he was shocked.
He expressed his doubt to Mataji as – “Was it Sukra, the Grahadhipath or was it the demon guru Shukracharya?” Mataji then confirmed that it was Sukra, the Grahadhipathi. Mataji also added that in one of his births he had vowed to perform the Satyanarayana Swami vrata but died before he performed the same. “Go to Annavaram and fulfil this commitment!” ordered Mataji. Also Mataji said “when the energy flow is very high, it is possible that the supreme Gurus or the gods appear in meditation or if they don’t appear, it so happens that their message is communicated to us in some way…”
Ramachandraji says that all these amazing experiences were possible only because of the heavenly presence of Mataji, who works very hard for our soul realization by bestowing us with enormous energies and constantly provides guidance to us – all this is possible only because of our divine Guru Pujasri Atmanandamayi Mataji proclaims Ramachandraji.
Sushumna Kriya Yogis … each one of them start meditation from different levels in accordance with their karmas in their previous births….and with the Paramagurus and Mataji’s grace reach higher levels at a faster pace… this is emphasized once again through Ramachandraji’s experiences.


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