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Mandalika Anuradha Experiences


The sudden demise of a close family member in anyone’s lives would lead to great unhappiness & sorrow, leaving the whole family devastated and in total void; as if surrounded by a dark cloudy mist…. the family is bereft of happiness for a few years . No matter how many times we listen to the divine sentence in the GITA – “For anyone who is born, death is inevitable”, applying this thought to reality is very difficult.
Anuradha’s family which was a fun loving well-knit family until year 2007, was shattered with the sudden death of her brother-in-law in an accident. Her father in law and mother in law became so ill that for just an hours’ sleep they had to be administered sleeping tablets. Their BP and sugar levels were impacted and subsequently they were bedridden. Her husband who had a close relation with his younger brother, couldn’t focus on his official duties following the mishap.
In effect, Anuradha’s responsibilities gradually increased which inturn affected her own health, resulting in an increase in BP and thyroid levels. When all the family members were living a gloomy, disheartened life , a guruji came into their lives telling them about spirituality ,making them do pujas, due to which they could recover to a certain extent. Whenever the Guruji would go for his yatras, this family used to feel as if some grief was haunting them. Within six years, due to his old age Guruji passed away.
With no one left to provide solace, by virtue of destiny a friend came to their house and taught them Sushumna kriya yoga meditation.
With the grace of the Parama gurus, all their family members were able to practice Sushumna kriya yoga and they were blessed with the opportunity to meet Mataji in Arunachalam for Gurupoornima.
Looking at Anuradha’s mother-in-law, Mataji said “From today promise me that you will not cry again, thinking about your younger son”.
As if those magnetic words of Sri Atmanandamayi Mataji worked as an upadesa… her mother in law who used to cry every day for so many hours surprisingly from that day, could overcome her grief.
Through one year of continuous meditation they could see a great difference in their lives. There was an improvement in both her father and mother-in-law’s health, due to which all medication related to BP, sugar and insomnia were stopped.
Anuradha too stopped all her medications. She says “Sushumna kriya yoga is a scientific meditative procedure which brings in peace and a complete change from within our soul, that inturn manifests in our true identity.”
Not only that I wanted to share the miracles happened to my family with my fellow Sushumna family members which is my sole purpose of narrating this incident – says Anuradha. These experiences are a true inspiration to one and all!


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