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Latest Inner Software Meditation Process


How to follow the LIS Challenge?

Latest Inner Software is a very simple, unique and an effective meditation technique. Along with the 21 minutes of meditation, one has to follow the simple “Thought of the day”, which is given in the Challenge chart below. Throughout the day, you must keep the same thought in mind and no matter what happens, you should keep the thought intact in your mind and follow it.

Latest Inner Software by Aathmanandamayi amma garu

Once you start making progress in this challenge journey, do remember to recollect the previous thoughts in mind. At the end of each stage, a new thought will have to be followed in addition to those processed till then. For eg., from day 15, there are three thoughts to keep track of.

The detail of each thought and how you can implement it in your day to day life will be communicated to you through e-mail every week, once you register for the Challenge.

21 Minutes Meditation Process:

Below are four basic and essential steps to follow in the 21-minute meditation practice each day for 49 days.

Latest Inner Software Meditation Process


  • Sit in a straight and comfortable position (on a chair, sofa, bed or floor) with your eyes closed for the next 21 minutes.
  • Keep your back/spine and neck in a straight line/erect position and relax.
  • Keep your hands in the Yoga Mudra position, as shown in the image above.
  • You can place the Yoga Mudra on your lap or thigh whichever is comfortable and close your eyes.

Chanting of ‘AUM’:

  • Start chanting AUM softly and rhythmically as demonstrated in the audio clip.
  • The chanting of “AU” syllable is less and “UM” syllable is more.
  • Make sure that the AUM sound starts from Navel position and travels upwards to the Head region.
  • Listen to your chanting of ‘AUM ‘ all the time and stop chanting AUM after 21 times.

Deep & Long Breathes:

  • Breathe in very slowly and fully and Breathe out slowly and completely.
  • While breathing out feel the negative feelings leave your body I.e. stress, anger, hatred, jealousy, depression, diseases etc.
  • Take long breaths for 14 times.

Focus between the Eyebrows:

  • Gently focus between your eyebrows. Do not apply any sort of pressure on the forehead as this might cause a headache.
  • Observe/Focus on the forehead region pleasantly.
  • Do not chant any Mantra mentally/outwardly or visualize any form of God/Masters during this time.
  • Maintain your focus between the eyebrows for a thoughtless state.

Do’s and Dont’s  during Meditation:

  • Do not open your eyes or change your Yoga Mudra throughout your Meditation.
  • Set an alarm for 21 minutes when you start your Meditation.
  • Release the Yoga Mudra after 21 minutes, bring both your palms together and touch your eyes with your fingers and gently open your eyes with a smile.




  1. Thota Nagaraju on

    నేను 49 రోజులు పూర్తి చేశాను నేను ఇంకా ఎక్కువ సేపు ధ్యానంలో కూర్చోవడానికి నాకు పర్మిషన్ ఇవ్వండి నేను ప్రతిరోజు ఎక్కువ సమయం కూర్చోవడం కి ఏం చెయ్యాలో దయచేసి సమాధానం చెప్పండి

  2. Archit Dimri on

    Mata ji, is it required any dikhsha for this kriya or anybody can do it and I have doubt suppose I focus third eye is it activated my kundalini or not?

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