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Lakshmi Vijetha Experiences


She is a blessed soul and one of the dedicated disciples of our Pujyasri Aatmanandamayi Mataji. Being a Shirdi Sai Baba devotee since childhood, she worshipped Sai Baba with pure devotion. One night she had divine darshan of Sai Baba in her dream. Sai baba took her to a temple premises which had steep flight of steps. He then stated “I am only able to bring you this far, beyond this you need to move forward in your spiritual journey, I am not your Guru. After a period of three months your real Guru will come and initiate you” said Sai Baba. Saying this he blessed her and disappeared.
Without being afraid and not looking back, she started to ascend the temple steps. After reaching the top of that temple she had a beautiful darshan of Lord Vishnu and the divine serpents. Shortly thereafter, in a period of three months as foretold by Sai Baba she was blessed with Mataji’s divine presence. Mataji initiated her into Sushumna Kriya Yoga, blessed her and said, “you have to undergo the karma and dharma of marriage in your life”. Soon thereafter she got married to a person who was not only very supportive, but also comfortable with spiritual growth and advancement.
She always thought that she could not succeed in anything, she was doubtful of herself to progress in spiritually and always felt the lack of having any divine visions.
Shortly after turning into a Sushumna Kriya Yogini, she had the darshan of Sai Baba three times in his living form. Her internal quest for understanding of being in a ‘Thought-less state of mind’, led her to understand the deeper meaning of Samadhi state.
Lakshmi Vijetha always saw a pair of eyes in her vision. When she put forth the question to Mataji, she said they symbolize her Purnatma. Then she explained further stating “It is known to us that We are all created by Brahma but a poornatma also creates a few Amsa atmas”. The Purnatma who has created your soul, themselves would provide guidance until your soul attains Moksha (liberation). They always try to put you on the righteous path of liberation.” Mataji also blessed Lakshmi Vijetha saying, “find out who your Purna Atma is in meditation by yourself,”. With Mataji blessings and her continuous meditation one day in her vision, she saw a lady in white saree and with long hair behind a waterfall. The divine lady who gave darshan as her Purna atma was none other than Arundhati Matha.
Aathmanandamayi Mataji, being such a great master and literally guiding us by holding our hand, we can only wonder what all is in store for us to enlighten ourselves spiritually. So, with all the eagerness to learn more, and with newly imparted vigour let us move forward to scale new spiritual heights with Sushumna Kriya yoga.


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