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Jyoti Tirumalaraju Experiences


The experiences of Sushumna Kriya Yogis are very distinct compared to the rest. With Gurus grace, our karmas get burnt, even after one’s death, they can appear to others. These experiences might sound extremely surprising to a lay man.
Vizianagaram Jyoti ji is a Sushumna Kriya Yogi. Life has been darkness for her after the death of her son on Vijaya Dashami in the year 2015. But she had a hope and confidence that Mataji’s compassion would one day, somehow, let her see her son again.
Jyothi ji along with the company of her kriya yogi friends went to Amarnath yatra. One night when she was sleeping with her hands in Sri chakra mudra, she could see her son. He said,” Why are you feeling sad about me, Amma! I have seen all my Karmakandas (rituals performed after death) after leaving my body.” Why dint you come back into your body is what she asked then. He later answered to that question saying, “Once the soul leaves the body, it then would have no work left with the body. I am living with the God. Your suffering is unnecessarily bringing me back to earthly planes from divine planes amma! Please Don’t worry about me!” Her son left saying so.
After that trip, in Shirdi Gurupoornima, Mataji has offered Samidha in yagna kund for her Son. While Jyothi ji was meditating with yoga mudra, Shirdi Baba along with her son appeared in front of her. Her son said to Jyothi ji- “Amma! I’m with Shirdi Baba ji… I’m carrying no left-over karma with me, I have no karma balance to be made, I’m completely free of karma burden. I’m carrying an empty bag Amma, See have a look! Please don’t add further karma into my bag with your thoughts Amma!” He then went away alongside Shirdi Baba ji. Jyoti ji said that she could sense the touch of Shirdi baba ji and her son very well.
While Jyothi ji was meditating and feeling sad remembering her son on the day of Vijayadasami, the next year, which was exactly one year after her son left his body, Mataji appeared and said “Your son was with me all this year. Why are you feeling sad?” When she heard these words from mataji, she had a tremendous sense of satisfaction and with great thankfulness she had tears of happiness rolling down her eyes.
Jyothi ji feels very accomplished with the feeling that, with practice of Sushumna Kriya yoga her son could come out of his karma cycle and is fortunate enough to stay alongside Gurus.
Through Jyoti ji’s experience it’s a confirmation that Sushumna kriya yogi’s participation in yagna and meditation would result in them receiving divine blessings and the love of Gurus.
Not only that, but from her experience we also understand that the people who are dead should not be mourned beyond a certain limit with extreme grief which would make their souls get attached to the earthly planes stopping them from reaching the divine abode.


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