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Jalandhara Chandra Mohan ji Experience


Mrs. Jalandara who grew up in a family that instilled both devotion and fear since childhood; yet
couldn’t understand the meaning of several customs followed in the name of devotion.
“This child doesn’t have life expectancy” – thus proclaimed Purundmalai swamy in her 6th year
and performed her Prana Pratishta(a ceremony for protection). He kept her under the constant
vigilance of the Gurus. With religious devotion, rituals, Puja, chants of Mantra, observances and
the like, the Gurus contributed to the growth of her Life force, however the worldly troubles and
the mental tribulations couldn’t be avoided. When she understood that Karma is the reason for
these troubles, her guide and philosopher Sri Gopala Krishna suggested to her – “The solution
to this problem is Kriya Yoga. Read the book ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’(Telugu version: Voka
Yogi Atma Katha)”. But when she learnt that during those days Kriya Yoga was a 3 hour
process and that there are many rules and regulations, Mrs. Jalandhara was disappointed.
In the course of her quest, her acquaintance with Sushumna Kriya Yogis and their experiences
had fascinated her! The fact that the practitioners of Sushumna Kriya Yoga have achieved much
in 49 days with only 49 minutes of spiritual practice(Sadhana), she was amazed. While listening
to each of the Yogi’s experiences Mrs. Jalandhara was awe-struck – some very slowly and some
instantly obtained Yogic revelation, 80% Karma annihilation, the opening of the third-eye,
personality development, the fulfillment of required desires at a worldly level, promotion,
opportunities for higher education and job opportunities in foreign countries, the visions of divine
men, etc.
‘All of them have done Sadhana, but the reason for everything is the Guru’ – this fact, she didn’t
realize then. Those who didn’t even know the names of the six chakras, innocent from a worldly
perspective; had experienced energy in the Ida and Pingala Nadis, felt the Sushumna Nadi and
experienced the Sahasrara Kamala. “How did they get these visions and how are they able to
explain these experiences?” – wondered Mrs. Jalandhara. When she heard that their Guru, Sri
Sri Atmanandamayi Mataji conducts mass meditations, Mrs Jalandhara was in doubt. She was
afraid, the reason being that she had heard from many Gurus about the Nadi mandala
destruction happening sometimes in such meditations.
“What is the power of this Guru Matha, who is paving the way to the spiritual path of many
disciples and working with so many subtle bodies while saving them from the anti-energies in
the astral world?”, with this curiosity Mrs. Jalandhara met Mataji. She entered into the amazing
aura field of Mataji and owing to the meditation kindly bestowed by Mataji, Mrs. Jalandhara
received the answers to her questions.
Sri Sri Sri Atmanandamayi Mataji’s subtle body was shining like a light beam in shades of a mix
of gold, light rose and light electrical violet…that body seemed much younger than the physical
body. She was looking like a lump of moonlight in broad daylight. She was seated on a lotus
flower with Dhyana mudra. Mataji was surrounded by unidentified amazing divine forms holding
huge golden pots, they were performing her Abhisheka with streams of lightning, while going
around in a circle. Her blazing body was taking in the divine light, her divine power and her
energy body was now well realized by Mrs. Jalandhara.
She realized Mataji is the highest self, a constant dhyani, a medium for Self-realization chosen
by Sri Sri Sri Bhoganatha Siddhar and Sri Babaji. In the divine magnetism of Mataji, Mrs.
Jalandhara understood these things a little better now…she got her answers for a number of
questions she had.

Later that day in an inner circle meeting, while training her disciples on, meditation,
introspection, love and affection,…Mataji informed the disciples a lot of people having reached
great heights, have fallen only due to pride or by giving more importance to their offerings rather
than their spiritual progress. Because of this, for several disciples the nadi mandala was
disturbed, and psychic energies were scattered – ‘how does the Guru bring them back to track
and protect them when their spiritual progress was affected?’….this Mataji explained in very few
words. Mrs. Jalandhara understood to a certain extent that Mataji is a huge spiritual generator…
her mother-like affection had amazed her! While Mataji was giving her a piece of crystal sugar
as prasad and looking into Mrs. Jalandhara’s eyes and passing energy, she understood how
great an energy transmission that had been! While Mrs. Jalandhara’s was in meditation… on a
certain day it was not even for 49 mins… she experienced Sri Bhogar pressing firmly on her
forehead with the thumb of his foot.
Sri Bhoganath Siddhar had installed the Navapashana of the Subramanyeswara Swamy idol in
Palani, the Dasha pashana vigraha in Kodaikanal, Subramanya Yantra Rupa in Ceylon and
some more idols in Peru in America and in the Nallamala forests.’ Upon the command of
Sarveswara, for the energy balance in the world, these have been installed’ explained Mataji. All
these kshetras(places) are massive energy fields. In Palani, at the grave of Sri Bhoganath
Sidhar, at the DashaPashana Vigraha in Kodaikanal, Mrs Jalandhara had the divine vision of Sri
Bhoganath Maharshi. The subtle lightning waves through meditation, the soul connection, our
Gurus benevolence and protection were now understood by her.
In Nagarjuna Ayurvedic clinic in Kerala, Sri Bhoganath Sidha appeared and offered her a
capsule. Later Mataji mentioned that this was given to her for energy.
One day in meditation, a large insect, the size between that of a scorpion and a snake was
witnessed by Mrs. Jalandhara. She vividly remembers this insect coming out of her head. Mataji
had explained this as negative energy. On another day in meditation, she vomited blood. When
she examined it further it was black blood. Immediately someone gave her a colorless, tasteless
medicine prepared by crushing in a pestle and she drank it. Mataji confirmed that, that too was
negative energy which was negated by the medicine to enable her cleansing. On another
occasion, while travelling in a train listening to Mrs. Sruthakeerthy’s interview with Ammagaru,
Mrs. Jalandhara slipped into sleep with the meditation mudra. An astonishing vision unfurled
where she saw Mataji in different forms, in different places at the same time. Mrs.Jalandhara
didn’t know then that these were dimensions. It Seemed to her like she sat in a swing. Mataji
was in so many different places at the same time and was giving instructions – Mrs. Jalandhara
was thus puzzled!
The faces she saw there were different and miraculous…all of a sudden as it was getting
darker, Mrs. Jalandhara with the intention of going home, walked down some steps and came
on to the road…when she saw some people there behaving unjustly and rudely, Mataji sent
someone and called her back. “Amma. You were busy, I wanted to go home as it was getting
dark, but there is someone down there behaving badly.” As she said this to Mataji, Mataji
reassuringly responded with “I will send you!”….with that the vision was over. Mataji had
explained the vision thus – Mrs. Jalandhara entered the dimension where Mataji was doing
astral work..
“Among many tribulations in life, the divine Gurus blessings had held me in one piece….what
else can I do but to thank the Gurus for everything.” says Mrs. Jalandhara.

“Mrs. Jalandhara’s bhava is really good. Allot her some foundation related work.” Instructed
“Mataji’s order is my command. Mataji’s blessings imply merging with the Divine Atma, a divine
meeting, a divine inspiration” – Sri Sri Sri Atmanandamayi Mataji made me understand this.
Mataji’s grace is certainly a handbook for spiritual growth. The life, sound, meaning and the
higher meaning of my writings is the Gurus alone.” says Mrs.Jalandhara.


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