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Hemalatha Chintalapati Experience


Hemalatha is daughter of a devoted and a keen sushmna kriya yogi practitioner mrs.vijayalakshmi ji.It is great to see how each one of them in their family had undergone a spiritual transformation through twists and turns in their lives to lead a life of peace and happiness.
In 2007 While Hemalatha was residing in America, she learnt BhagavadGita and the Upanishads, where she read that the third eye I.e. ‘Brumadhya’ meditation (the point between the eyebrows) is very powerful and having read about the same in a book ‘An Autobiography of a Yogi’, Mrs Hemalatha , had an earnest desire to learn this from a true guru . As an answer to her spiritual eagerness, she took initiation into this kriya yoga in 2010 from Sri Pujyasri Atmanandamayi Mataji. As per her innermost wish and to her amaze she received the picture of the Holy Gurus from Mataji herself. This was a great turning point in her life and due to this great energy transmission,as when once ,she kept the picture in her house she could feel the gurus wandering in her house, and was also able to hear their footsteps too.she was gifted to have the holy darshan of Babaji too. The Gurus also bestowed upon her for viewing the kundalini activation process (self-realization state) of her mother Mrs. Vijayalakshmi ,much ahead of, even before this incident really took place. Mrs. Hemalatha had been suffering from migraine headache since 10 years. By having an apple given to her by the Gurus in meditation, a miracle healing process had started in her which she began noticing.when she conveyed this to mataji,she got a reply from Mataji that her healing process will continue for about a month…and in no time such a dreadful and painful headache had disappeared completely. Now, Mrs. Hemalatha effortlessly balances her work and personal life very well. From 2011, she had an opportunity to conduct classes in America, where she observed that whomsoever practiced this meditation had great positive changes relating to their health, their energies and enthusiasm in their lives etc. She says,“Not just this, by the grace of Mataji, I could experience the togetherness of myself, I could see my astral body separate from the physical body , I also observed my energy levels increase” says Mrs. Hemalatha . She conveys that her elder daughter RemaSravani was able to get the darshan of Kailasa Devatas in 2012 Gurupournami. In the snow covered caves, on the auspicious day of Vinayaka Chavithi, she saw lord Vinayaka meditating with Sri Mataji. In a temple, there was a silver plate in which there were 3 energy balls from were she saw our three gurus Sri Bhoganath Siddhar ji, Sri Babaji, Sri Atmanandamayi Mataji originating from them. She heard a voice from her anahata by Sarveswar that, “These three gurus will teach Sushumna Kriya Yoga meditation on this earth”.
Mrs. Hemalatha’s younger daughter Heera Shravani – heard the BhagavadGita, had the darshan of gurus and she also visualised Mataji’s advent on this earth for spreading Sushumna Kriya Yoga. All this was visualised by her like a short video in meditation. One day in her meditation, she saw that all the stars in the sky formed in the shape of Yoga Mudra. In these stars, she had a holy darshan of Gods in miniature forms.

When the whole family is skilled in Yogavidya and are in the path of attaining self-realization, the fact that they go through beautiful experiences and realize the value of their life becomes evident from Mrs Vijayalakshmi ji’s family.


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