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Dr. Nagateja Experiences


When Wordsworth, gracefully expresses in the poem Daffodils that, the universal consciousness makes itself evident and expresses itself in each and every person in this universe thus bringing together all consciousness – this cannot be considered as just a poetical expression.
When Sri Krishna in BhagavadGita says “I am omnipresent, I exist in each and everyone like the invisible strand inside a pearl necklace” – this cannot simply be considered another verse in Gita either.
These words are Absolute truth – this our GuruMatha testifies to Sushumna Kriya Yogis that we are all expressions of that universal love and consciousness.
Dr. NagaTeja is Dr. Madhushree’s son. His mother who completely trusts, worships and loves Mataji, pleaded and pushed him into Sushumna Kriya Yoga practice. He had experienced the amazing feeling that Mataji had embraced him who got into Sushumna Kriya with not much interest as equally as his mother. He didn’t immediately understand the importance of meeting Mataji and of his first meditation session of 14 minutes with Mataji.
NagaTheja was disappointed when he didn’t get a seat in any of the 6 colleges he applied for admission. All of a sudden he got a seat in one of the colleges and also found that the colleges which didn’t give him admission were defamed due to some scam – when some situations like this happened he had wondered if there was any divine intervention behind such occurrences. Only when he got an opportunity to go to the Himalayas with Mataji along with his mother, did he understand the speciality of this Yoga and the all-pervasive nature of Mataji’s energy fields.
Prior to this, upon his mother’s push he went to Kotralam for GuruPournami. There when Mataji on Pournami day had instructed everyone to meditate for 2 hours, NagaTheja who thought “My God! How do I do this? For so long?” sat with his eyes closed only with the fear that it would be inappropriate to walk out in the midst of so many people. Within a very short time, he entered into a supernatural world and didn’t even realize that the two hours had passed. This was very surprising to him.
In 2013, with Mataji, he started working on the publicity aspects for the foundation, and for this he needed to meditate for 49 minutes every day. He also noticed that his anger was then in control, he started getting motivating thoughts and also realized a substantial growth on his professional front. In addition to these changes, the trip to the Himalayas with Mataji was a great breakthrough in his life. As a part of cleaning process, all of the Sushumna Kriya Yogis who went along, were asked by Mataji to meditate in a place surrounded by Devadharu trees. Coincidentally, there were exactly the same number of trees as the number of Sushumna Kriya Yogis. Yet he could not find a Devadhaaru tree where he could meditate. Left in a bewildered state, he was guided by Mataji that there was one Devadharu tree with 2 main trunks and that he could hold on to one of those and meditate. He was immersed in deep meditation as if an intricate spiritual bond with that tree, later into a state of bliss where his even feet could not sense the ground below….he experienced something being pulled away from him inside his third eye area….he had experienced an ‘almost samadhi’ state…he was brought back into this world with a call “Mataji is calling you” from another Sushumna Kriya Yogi.
This was a significant milestone for him who didn’t have any spiritual experience until that point in time. From that day till date, he had transformed into a dedicated and soulful volunteer for Sushumna Kriya Yoga Foundation.


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