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Dr Madhusree Experience


I’m Dr. Madhusree, a gynaecologist, initiated into SUSHUMNA KRIYAYOGA sadhana by our Pujya GURU MATHA PUJYASRI ATHMANANDAMAYI MATHAJI GARU on December 11, 2005. Since then I have been regularly practicing Sushumna kriya yoga with great belief and surrenderance to the holy feet of guru MATHA. In May-June 2009, I did attend upon an emergency caesarean section where everything seemed uneventful until the baby was delivered. Later to my utter disbelief I noticed the urinary catheter is popping into peritoneal cavity and was shocked to notice a large rent in urinary bladder close to the trigone, a critical area of the bladder.
Shocked with the consequences that would arise following such a large bladder injury, I prayed to Gurus for help. Injury to the urinary bladder during delivery has a high morbidity. It generally does not heal completely leaving a continuous, 24×7 urinary leak which devastates a women’s life. With great difficulty I could manage to close the uterus but couldn’t repair the bladder. The tissues were fragile and also were just giving up. Somehow, I could manage to secure haemostasis and shifted the lady into urology Centre.
Later I called our GURU MATHA PUJYASRI ATHMANANDAMAYI MATHAJI GARU and briefed her the events, my apprehension for consequences and prayed for her help. AMMA Garu said “Do not panic, I will take care! But see that it is repaired by the concerned specialist”.
Around 2:30 pm, i.e., 8 to 9 hours after the initial surgery the case was reopened with the team of not one but three Urologists as a complicated surgery was expected following a troublesome bladder injury. On opening the abdomen, I was jaw dropped and had no words because the operating field was very clear. All the tissues where healthy, Uterus was found to be stitched up perfectly and the injured bladder edges were clearly visible with no spec of edema.
Definitely, all this is just a great miracle by our GURU MATHA PUJYASRI ATHMANANDAMAYI MATHAJI GARU. The inner lining of our internal organs, called mucosa is very sensitive. Let alone an injury, even modest fiddling with the mucosa will cause inflammation and edema. But for the Miracle of Guru Matha, in our case neither swelling nor oedema occurred at the injured site of the bladder.
The repair concluded smoothly but the Urologists cautioned me that probably my patient would need a second look operation as the rent or injury in the bladder was very large in first place. After the patient was shifted to ICU, I again called up AMMA GARU and it was around 5:30 in the evening I briefed her the findings and expressed my sincere gratitude for all the miraculous healing done to the tissues. I also did let her know about the apprehension Urologists had about further healing. AMMA GARU said, “Don’t worry, she will recover completely.”
True to the grace and blessings of our beloved GURU MATHA PUJYASRI ATHMANANDAMAYI MATHAJI GARU, the patient recovered completely leaving no trace of leak and that too in just two weeks. Usually it takes three weeks for even a small bladder injury to heal completely but here it was miraculously swift, it just happened in 2 weeks. Later I came to know all this has happened because our GURU MATHA had been continuously giving her divine energies to the tissues from morning 6:30am to 5:30pm in the evening.
I have no words to express my gratitude for all that our beloved Guru Matha, the Pratyaksha Parabrahma, PUJYASRI ATHMANANDAMAYI MATHAJI GARU has showered on me. I prostate at her holy Feet with all reverence and surrenderence. ||Om Sri Gurubhyonamaha||


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