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Yogic Cleanse Week 2


We are sure the body detox routine is helping you. We did lone to hear your feedback. Are you feeling more energetic? Is the morning meditation helping you live a more meaningful, energetic and fun-filled day? Are you motivated to see what’s in for the second week? We have had a fabulous response from
some of our subscribers in the first week and would love to see it work for you.
This week we have some new ingredients along with some of the practices of the earlier week for you.
What you will need:

  • Mind: Chanting ‘Aum’ and do some breathing/stretching exercise under the Sun. Introspect on your practice of overcoming of the “Uncertainty complex”. Document and observe how youovercome your fear of the Unknown.
  • Physical/Gross Body: Yoga postures under the sunshine, Surya-Namaskaar
  •  Subtle body or Internal Cleanse: Cinnamon/Dalchini sticks (Cinnamomum verum), Guava leaves (Psidium guajava), Ginger/Adrak root (Zinziber officinale) and Coriander/Dhania seeds(Coriandrum sativum).
  • Soul 21 minutes of Sushumna Kriya Yoga and introspect on the changes to your life.


  •  Guava leaves: These leaves have a spiritual significance in removing negativity. They have some medicinal properties too, by drinking the tea made from it one gets relief from cold and cough. It promotes hair growth, cures bronchitis, improves eye sight and controls diabetes.
  • Ginger root is known worldwide for its medicinal and digestive properties. It helps fight morning sickness and flatulence. It cleanses the ‘Doshas’ (faults) in the Manipura Chakra and helps in lighting the digestive fire. It reduces lethargy and increases our strength and immunity. It is also a pain reliever and boosts brain functioning. It is associated with passion and success.
  • Aum is a Maha Mantra (chants with great benedictions). It is believed as per the Vedic scriptures to be the Manifestation of Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Protector) and Maheshwar (Destroyer) or the Holy Trinity. It is variously in other customs seen as Amen in Christianity and Ameen in Islam. The sound vibrations of Aum have a fine connect with Nature and a finer connect with our inner-selves. In Vedic literature, it precedes all the mantras and is used in the beginning of any Puja (ceremony) or other Mantra. It is so powerful that when uttered from the navel region, it can destroy the ‘Bija’ or impressions left from earlier incidents and help us to get rid of these conditionings from our sub-conscious mind. It is thus helpful in making spiritual progress, removes the seeds of misery and eliminates the obstacles in our path. In this technique, we stress on the ‘Ma’ syllable in ‘Aum’. ‘Mm’ is chanted twice as long as the ‘Au’ in the example, ‘Aummmm’. Breathing techniqueBreathing right has a lot of spiritual and physical significance. It is a source of energy to the body. All metabolism and energy exchange is enabled by the breath. It connects the Body, Mind, Prana(life-force) and Spirit(consciousness). With each incoming and outgoing breath you can completely cleanse your body with mindfulness and checked consciousness. When you breathe in, you do so with positive contemplation(sad-bhava), inhale positivity like feelings of health, peace and love. When you breathe out, you exhale your negativities like ill-health, stress and anger, experiencing they are expelled out of your body & mind.

    The Sun, is regarded as the Sun God according to several religions and belief systems. Surya/Aditi in the Sanatana Dharma, Ra or Horus by Egyptians, Helios by the Greeks, etc. is the life-giver on earth, primary source of energy for nature – wind, waves, tides, monsoons, plant-life, animal-life, biological-cycle, water-cycle, carbon-cycle, etc. Thus it is seen as the symbol of higher Consciousness. It is the source of all light and energy that sustains the ecological cycles on Earth and can be seen as both, a creator and a destroyer. With utmost devotion, we bow down to the Guru, a.k.a. the dispeller of darkness – Vivasvan, the Sun God. A simplified version of the Surya Namaskaar is presented here – easy for all to practice.

    • Surya Namaskaar or Sun Salutations are of utmost importance and help in cleansing the body from deep within and is a part of Yoga. It helps get adequate vitamin-D for skeletal growth, causes skin and hair to stay healthy with the right amount of exposure. The Surya Namaskaar, through stretching, not only tones our muscles but also regulates the breath, enhances proper functioning of our glands & organs and improves immunity. A lot of ailments can be cured with the help of Sun Salutations. The Surya Namaskar given here is different from the traditional method and can be done very easily.

  •  Coriander seeds: Popularly known as Dhania in India, it invites love and peace and helps in spiritual motivation. It is a source of calcium promoting bone strength. In Ayurveda it is often recommended to be used for stomach related ailments. It can cure rashes on the skin too.
  •  Cinnamon stick can cleanse the Nadi Mandala(mesh of energy channels) and has amazing medicinal properties. It reduces free-radicals in the body and regulates cholesterol. Up to 20-30% reduction in LDL & tri-glycerides and improvement in HDL is known. It helps to eliminate bad odors caused by wrong food habits. Since it stimulates nerves and balances Nadis which connect the body, spirit and mind, it can help us to easily get into a meditative state. It can even enhance BO, to emanate a pleasant fragrance from the body. It is known to heal diabetes and regulates
    the Solar-Plexus.

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