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Detox and Immunity Booster – Week #5


Monday: Wood Apple or Bilva leaves

A miraculous leaf with laxative properties  it curbs inflammation and enhances bowel

functioning. It also helps in respiratory issues like common

cold and also  maintains your sugar levels.


Make a concoction by boiling 5 leaves in a glass of water and consume.

Tuesday: Cloves

This magical spice can take your diet to the next level.  A natural cleanser with great levels of fibre, it is antibacterial too. It also relieves pain and enhances healing.


Make a concoction by boiling two clove buds in a glass of water and consume.

Wednesday: Betel leaves

The leaves have a beautiful shade of green and are highly medicinal in nature. They contain a good amount of Vitamins like Vitamin C, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Carotene and also Calcium and cause effective circulation and absorption of vital nutrients. Being good for digestion and bowel movement.  they also increase the metabolic rate, and hence aid weight management. Having analgesic properties they provide relief from pain and bruises in the body and are  also very beneficial for cold and flu and provide relief from lung congestion and cough. They are also anti-fungal and purify blood. As if that this was not enough goodness they are   anti- diabetic too.


Make a concoction by boiling 2 leaves  in a glass of water and consume.

Thursday: Carom seeds

A wonderful appetizer carom seeds treat indigestion in a jiffy. They reduces acidity and provide instant relief to the stomach. You will be surprised to know that along  with having anti- septic and anti-inflammatory properties, they are effective in treating cold and cough too. They also help the liver and kidneys in eliminating unwanted toxic elements.


Make a concoction by roasting half a spoon of  carom seeds  and boil in a glass of water and consume.

Friday: Gooseberries

Amla or our dear old gooseberry is a pack of goodness. Packed with anti-oxidants, it reduces free radicals which cause ageing. It protects the body against so many infections and eliminates toxins. It improves eyesight and controls blood sugar. It boosts metabolism and hence promotes weight loss.


Cut  amla, grind it, and add water with a pinch of salt and drink it.

Saturday: Holy Basil

Rich in anti-oxidants , Vitamin C and Vitamin K and calcium, it’s almost a super food. It aids digestion, busts stress

and has  great taste and aroma too. It clears skin conditions, is anti-bacterial and anti-viral and in-fact offers protection at a cellular level. 


Make a concoction by boiling 5 leaves in a glass of water and consume.


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