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Day 8 – Sharing the ‘Vishwa Karya’ of Mataji with the disciples


Mataji asked everyone of us to be prepared in about half hour and organized a meeting to discuss the next day’s initiation program. While conducting the meditation camp, Mataji personally entrusts us with responsibilities. Mataji would ask the disciples, to explain each subject in a detailed manner and to do it 100% skillfully and with Bhava. Doing the tasks given by a guru without Bhava or without a vision, is equal to playing with a sword. Our team has many a time experienced, having to face bigger problems due to committing minor mistakes. The work that the Guru entrusts to us, is not given because of their inability to get it done, but for the spiritual development of the disciples, small tasks are assigned to them. while we are doing the work, a Guru can gauge the spiritual maturity of the disciples. This is the reason we try to do all the work with bhava and to the best of our capabilities. in Spiritual terms, in when in the presence of a God realized Guru, one should be very careful. Our Mataji did not tell us about these values in a commanding manner rather, some experiences taught to us this as a lesson. A Guru, who is equal to God, can get any work done easily. But for the destruction of the Karma, of the disciples, to uplift us to a progressed spiritual status, Mataji has made us a part of their cosmic work. What Shri Krishna taught in the Gita is, if under the guidance of Guru, we follow our dharma, without the hope of the fruits of it, then surely we are guided towards our spiritual advancement. It is a also the true sign of being good disciples.

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