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Day 48 – Mataji’s Descent from the Himalayan Mountains


Mataji continued sharing the wonderful incidents during Her soujourn to Gowri Shakar shrine. “You would recall, when we returned from the Gangotri temple, I notified none to enter my cottage. It was at that time my Astral Body merged with my physical form. We then went to the Ganges banks where we meditated. I straight walked into the river and offered my grateful obeisance facing the mountain ahead, unto Mahavtaar Babaji and his 49 disciples who were atop the mountain, from where Shri Shri Babaji was blessing all of us with energies. Also I had an experience of divine floatation, as if heavenly beings were gently descending upon earth. For my return from Gowri Shankar Muth, to get me down to the level where you all were, a divine pillar of light that stretched the size and the height of the hill formed. As if being quantum-tunneled, I experienced being moved along this beam back here. This is the first time I experienced something like this.” – said Mataji.


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