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Day 47 – Mataji reveals the secret of reaching the divine

Referring to the stones given to us Mataji urged us to not give these to anyone including family members. She said -”These are exclusively given to you for your own welfare. If at any time, negative emotions like ego, jealousy or hatred inflict you, then use the stone to gently tap your forehead thrice between your eyebrows. At that very moment, you will come out of that situation and get back to normalcy. Use it to stay in balance always”.
A Kriya Yogi Yashi, sharing her experience said -”Mataji you were silent. When I was traveling along with you in the car, I was overwhelmed with joy, arising from within my heart. For about fifteen minutes, I was beaming a smile; overflowing due to this innate bliss”. In spite of the situation being quite contrary to what I was feeling, I could not control what I felt. It was as if I was communicating with you and whatever I was experiencing was because of the vibration coming from you”. Yashi’s experience of was due to her goodwill towards her Guru, Mataji confirmed.
“While traveling with one’s Guru, one has to relish the divine experience of the Guru’s company in their heart. The essence of the divine experience granted by the grace of the Guru then persists within us. These divine connections then become indelible parts of our lives. When we have pure feelings internally, these vibrations help us to transcend to the divine state from our human state. Thus the soul merges into the cosmos, and these vibrations help the soul in that process.” – Mataji told us.
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