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Day 45 – Mataji reveals more secrets of the Gauri Shankar Shrine.

While meditating every day, Param Gurus transmits enormous energy to everyone …
At the shrine, at 3 a.m. before day-break(Brahm Muhurt), three blue colored lotuses are placed on the Shivling. All the 49 Disciples, one by one with utmost devotion, offer a lotus flower at the feet of Babaji. Like we all meditate, with the Mudra, the 49 disciples also meditate, sitting in the Mudra. Babaji’s disciples are often our guiding masters. When they sit in meditation in Gauri Shankar Peeth and their astral bodies detach, if we are meditating at the same time and our frequencies match, then they come to us as guiding masters. There were cows in the Muth in white and brown colours.
Around 6 o’clock, milk is offered in an earthen bowl as Prasad near the Lingam. Near Mahavatar Babaji too, an offering of milk in an earthen pot is placed. Babaji didn’t drink the milk. Though Babaji was present there in the physical form, he was present elsewhere in the invisible form. In the other place a Divine Light shrouds every one. Some of our seekers will be shortly able to go to the Gauri Shankar shrine. When one’s energy levels increases through the practice of meditation, they are able to cross the protective shield around Gowri Shankar Muth to gain access inside the Muth.
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