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Day 44 – Mataji visualizing the scene at Gowri Shankar Peeth


“Mahavatar Babaji looks strikingly similar to how he appears, in our visions during meditation. The whole place is adorned with holy basil plants. These basil plants are thrice the size of the usual ones at our houses. The entire Gauri Shankar shrine has a fulsome fragrance of holy basil. To the left of the summit, there are about twelve small caves. There are twelve women among Baba’s 49 disciples. In the shrine women were wearing mild orange robes, while men were wearing wheatish coloured garments. No one spoke in the shrine, they communicated all messages silently through their eyes. Silence is their only medium. Atop the peak, from a trough, a hot water spring was flowing down below. The sparkling water looked very clean.  Small white and yellow blossoms were visible here and there. There was also a bonfire towards the left side. Unlike here, the birds chirp not only at dawn, but throughout the day in Gauri Shankar shrine. The incessant sound of flowing streams could also be heard throughout. A lotus pond at a distance, was set with blue lotus flowers in full bloom…”

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