Welcome to the BLISSFUL journey

Day 4 – Freedom from the Cycle of Birth and Rebirths


The moment of reality had finally arrived, having packed their baggage and hopes, like tributaries of the river Ganges awaiting to merge in the confluence (Sangamam), the troop departed from various cities to rendezvous at Mussorie.  The Hyderabad team was asked to reach the RGIA airport by 6 o’clock in the morning. The joy in everyone’s heart beamed on their faces. While most members of the troop started from Hyderabad airport, others took off from different cities. Like school children excited on their first picnic out of town, every Soul’s innate feeling was expectantly contemplating – “If this human birth be ordained blessed, to have deserved the refuge of a Guru, how fortunate one was, in this modern era, to be rewarded with close encounters of Mathaji, in various spiritual experiences during this Himalayan trip”. The team was reminiscing over this one goal, like a self-rewinding tape, and boarded the flight with great excitement.

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