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Day 38: Mataji’s Vision sees invisible manifested Gurus!


From the temple at Gangotri, we went straight to our resort. After taking breakfast in half an hour’s time we got ready.  Mataji was not to be seen for half an hour. Prashanthamma conveyed Mataji’s message – “Mataji doesn’t want anyone to come inside her tent”.  There upon we all went to the same place where we were given stones by Mataji on the earlier day. Mataji once again paced down into the river Ganges and asked all of us to join her. The water was chilling cold as if it were from the deep freezer. Mataji stood in the water for a long time, looking upward towards the hills; offering her humble salutations. In our material vision, we hardly saw anything but the hills; yet our conscious knew there were some great souls who were visible to Mataji’s vision. So thinking, we too offered are humble namaskaras. Shortly we went back to our place of residence. Mataji was still silent. Meanwhile, we packed our belongings and got ready to leave for Haridwar.


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