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Day 30 – Sleeping while attempting Guru’s Charan Seva


My Antar atma was asking me to continue, the Charan seva of Mataji. While Doing seva I, slipped into deep sleep. SriLaxmiji was also massaging Mataji’s feet. Upon seeing me falling asleep, SriLaxmiji told me to go back to the tent and rest there. She also walked the whole path along with all of us, the day before, but she completed her seva and came back only in the early hours to our tent. It is understood that the gurus had put me to a test. I then felt that mere thinking of being a devoted disciple to a guru is not enough but one has to put in complete devotion towards the guru into practice too. This incident was deeply rooted to my heart. Following this incident, in same year, when we ended the Himalayan yatra, on the occasion of Gurupoornima, we went to Shirdi in July. There we had a similar experience, with another disciple of Mataji, Srideviji in Shirdi. She narrated her experience, while she was doing charan seva to Mataji, she was slipping  into sleep. In a blink of her eyes, she suddenly could see Sri Mahavatar  babaji‘s form and he looked at her and told her firmly, “Be diligent when serving your Guru” and saying this Mahavatar babaji disappeared. Hearing her experience, at once I felt my spine going cold. I asked the gurus for forgiveness.

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