Welcome to the BLISSFUL journey

Day 27 – Mother nature sanctified by the touch of Mataji’s feet!


After relaxing for a while with Mataji, we started our journey once again. Even after a long walk too we couldn’t see the sight of the temple anywhere. We already walked to a high altitude on the mountain.  When we  looked down from there, it felt as if we were somewhere in between the earth and the sky. Vamsi stood at a place as though she was not having anymore strength to move. Mataji  looked into her eyes and filled her  with energy, suddenly Vamsi regained her strength and started walking very fast like a deer and effortlessly without a sign of exhaustion in her. she was herself very  surprised by her sudden rejuvination. Mataji walked at pace with a few members of the youth team, however she  asked some of the team members to stay back, for others who were still, a little further behind. When we reached a place which was at a little distance short from the temple, on to our right we saw a large mountain totally embedded in snow. The guide told us that the Sapta Rishis do their penance on the other side of this mountain. As we closed our eyes and did salutations to the mountain there was a gush of energy flow into our bodies. A feeling arose in us and it felt  as if the whole place was moving. Every minute atom of that place was very holy. And with the touch of the holy feet of our great guru Mataji the whole place was becoming even more vibrant. Upon Seeing Mataji,  come to the area, the River Yamuna was gurgling and flowing with happiness. The tree goddess was also feeling happy to see Mataji, the winds were making a soft hustle bustle on Mataji’s arrival. After a while we reached the mountain but, we could not bathe in the river.

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