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Day 26 – No room for Negligence when with Gurus


We had to buy packed Mineral water for Mataji then and there itself, which was so embarrassing. So many of us went along with her, but not a single person took that minuscule effort of carrying Mataji’s water bottle and we were in deep regrets for our irrational behavior. While loading Mataji’s luggage on to the mule I had this thought come to my mind, but I guess an element of Casual attitude crept into me. I had the following experience related to this event days after our trip came to an end: One day while I was meditating in Brahmamuhurath time, I could see the visuals of Mataji and all of us taking the climb up Yamunotri hills. All of a sudden I could see Mataji having some trouble. By then I could hear some voice speaking into me, “When the almighty himself is craving every moment to make Mataji happy and comfortable, how far must the disciples go and be dedicated to try and keep her happy?” It was at that moment, I could realise, that traveling along Mataji is not a mere random tour or some simple picnic. I got to realise that not just getting an opportunity to make the journey, but one also should be of extreme diligence all way along to make the most of it. Lord Sri Ram while was in his exile, Lord Laxman who considered his brother to be his Guru, was said to be guarding him day in and day out, each and every moment making sure of his comforts. It is such a spirit that each and every disciple should develop for their Guru.

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