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Day 22 – The River Yamuna


The word Yamuna literally means ‘Twin’. Yamuna river flows parallel to the Sacred river Ganga and hence the name, according to our Vedic literature. Rig Veda, the first of the Four Vedas mention about the Yamuna river.
According to the Rig Veda, Yamadev, The Lord of Death, and the twin brother of Yamuna Devi was overwhelmed by her affection towards him that he let Yamuna Devi go out in search of a suitable befitting match as her groom. Yamuna Devi then decided that Lord Sri Krishna is to be the best choice and started worshipping Lord Sri Krishna with utmost love and dedication and remains witness to Lord Sri Krishna’s never – ending Mystic Acts. Our Mythology quotes that Lord Sri Krishna and Yamuna Devi shared a similar complexion, and once realizing the presence of Lord Sri Krishna the Sacred river Yamuna gave way to Vasudev by opening a portal within the river.
Yamunotri is the place where the great Yamuna took her birth.
Yamuna river has the power to neutralize all the negative deeds on earth according to Yamunashatakam. This could have been the reason why Pujyasri Aatmanandamayi Mataji had selected the banks of the river Yamuna to execute the secret mysterious process for decreasing the negative karma of the Kriya Yogis.
Mataji had mentioned many times during public Initiations and spiritual meetings that places with water flow and rivers always have enormous positive energy.

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