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Day 10 – Sanctification of the Himalayan flowers


The next day, we got up during the Brahma Muhurat and got ready immediately and left from our rooms on foot, to reach the auditorium. One session was arranged at 6:00 am in the morning and another one at 7:00 am. Both sessions were held back to back lasting for an hour each. Everyone listened to Mataji with utmost dedication and took initiation and were curiously asking Mataji, questions related to meditation. DRDO employees and scientists participated in this initiation camp. The entire auditorium was filled. In these two sessions, topics about Sushumna Kriya Yoga significance, initiation, and the science behind Sushumna Kriya Yoga were covered. At the end of the program, Mataji started walking back to the place of accommodation. Mataji is very fond of walking and admires places filled with the beauty of nature. Some of us were walking behind Mataji. Mataji was enjoying the scenic visual of the mountain. On the way back, along the path we walked, there were plants of a variety of colors. Mataji was looking at them and enjoying the beauty of these small flowers, and was smiling. She caught hold of a flower as though she was showering love on an infant and looking at it and smiling and walked ahead. A feeling arose in our mind, ’how lucky is this flower that it was blessed by the touch of Mataji and has attained salvation’. The meditation program for that day had ended. Mataji immediately asked everyone to rest for the day and then we left for a new place at 8 pm.

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