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Day 2 – A divine Himalayan retreat under the aegis of Mataji


” Guru Sakshaath, Para-BrahmH ” The verse above aptly applies to Pujyasri Aathmanandamayi Mataji. The golden hued illustrious Divine Form of  Mataji  is only perceivable, to those who having immersed themselves in benevolent meditation and diligent practice, have assimilated Immense Cosmic Energy to withhold This Resplendent Sight. To have a glimpse of That “Illumined Form” of  Mataji, one would need to enable the power of “yogic vision” via unwavering belief, utmost devotion and unconditional love. To be thus enabled is possible only to a disciple, who has completely submitted to the Guru and soaks in the Masters divine values with pure love for the Divine. Serving the global cause, in accordance with and along-side Her Divine Masters, Shri Shri Bhoganatha Siddhar and Shri Mahavtaar Babaji,  Mataj  has dedicated Her life to the methodical practice and proliferation of “Sushumna Kriya Yoga”. As the founder of the “Divya Babaji Kriya Yoga foundation” focused on global enablement of “holistic health” and “joyous living”, She shares the divine practice, right awareness and establishes the principles of well-being and rightful living to all seekers for free.

I In 2015, Pujyashri Atmānandamayi Mataji, arranged a special initiation service and meditation program for the Indian defence scientists in Hyderabad at the DRDO premises.Through this program several scientists and technicians were benefitted. As a outcome of this, in 2016, the DRDO ḍirecṭor Sri Saṅkar Kiṣhore, requested Mataji to conduct a Meditation program for defence officials in Mussorie, India. Complying to the humble invite, Mataji consented and elaborate arrangements were made for the Himalayan quest. Ordained by Her blessings, a few select multi-lingual Hindi speaking disciples, embarked on their trip to accompany Mataji on the holy trip; feeling fortunate for their good “prarabhdha” karma (good deeds of previous births). For the fortunate troop, this pious Himalayan trip in Her august presence, bejewelled their lives with unforgettable fond memories of living wisely, wondrous revealations and left us enriched in spiritual values. During the 49 days of this Holy season, the transcendental experiences of this Himalayan journey and the essence of being with Mataji, will leave every reader inspired and guide their quest.

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