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Ankita Kanoj Experience


She was working in a corporate world and lived a sophisticated life style. Looking back into her past from the from the message she got from her Vaishnav Guru Nadi astrologers prediction and her good friend Mohiths beliefs, it is amazing to see the changes she has gone through and her transition into a Sushumna Kriya yogi.
At the age of 12, along with her friends went to a naadi astrologer for fun. He said due to previous birth karma she would face lot of suffering in her future job prospects and also marriage. Thus stating that he gave her a remedy to do Abhishek of Lord Shiva in a very famous South Indian Temple along with her Guru. This was recorded in a cassette and was given to her. As time passed by, she forgot about it.
Ankitaji was born into a traditional vaishnavaith family from north india.
Since the age of 16, she was worshipping Lord Sree Krishna and her family Guru. One day she was stunned ,when her Vaishnava Guru told her, that from now on “I am not your Guru, in future you will get a guiding Guru “.
Her good friend and colleague Mohith briefed Mataji about Ankita’s suffering and took permission to take her to Guru poornima meditation in SriSailam. That was her first Darshan of the Guru. After her initiation to Sushumna Kriya yoga by Mataji, Maataji told her “you are in your right place”. Later on along with mataji, Mohith and Ankita performed the Abhishek to Mallik Arjuna swami .
The events that followed after that day was miraculous. It was as though a curse has been removed . Anktaji got a good job, married Mohith, and found her guiding Guru for her soul. Later when found cassette of nadi astrologer and was amazed how the events in her life got unfolded.
While Mohith was away on his job, loneliness never bothered her. It was a boon for her, as she became more closer to mataji. She started meditating twice a day according to Mathaji’s instructions. This shows us that even in loneliness Gurus presence is always there in everyone’s lives.
Mataji always preached to give away 1/6th of our earnings for good deeds through charity. Whenever she thought of how to give more and in what form to the foundation, her salary increased. Her experiences and listening to others experiences increased her dedication.
During her meditation on Shivaratri between 12 am to 3am, Mohith and Ankita heard sounds of anklets of lord Shiva’s. It was as though the lord was silently blessing them. But for Ankitaji it was too hard for her to believe it unless she experienced it. Later on due to Mathaji’s blessings she had some amazing experiences. She visually saw all our Gurus in yoga mudra on the head of Nag Sheshu. In Palani while meditating near Bhognath Maharishi’s Samadhi within a span of 7 minutes, her third eye region opened up emitting lights. After her experience in Palani, whenever she remembers the Gurus she would see them in her third eye region.
Sushumna kriya yogi Ankita who is well educated , cultured in good thought and speech, Hope to work for the foundation with complete devotion. Maataji showed her the path for achieving great heights in financial, physical and spiritual well-being. We offer our salutations to Mataji for always guiding us.


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