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49 Day Spiritual Detox Program – Week 4


Are you enjoying this cleanse? Would love to get a feedback from you and let us know the changes you are sensing. We have included Drumstick leaves, Coconut Water and Curry leaves. 

  • Drumstick Leaves soothe the inflammation in the stomach and reduce burning. It is a superfood and rich in all nutrients and is rich in magnesium. It reduces fat and bad cholesterol and hence is an excellent regulator of weight. It increases the metabolic rate and helps to absorb nutrients from food. It protects the heart and keeps you healthy. 
  • Curry Leaves are good for women’s health. Curry leaf concoction is good for those who suffer from monthly difficulties. It also reduces joint pains. When used in cooking, they give out a good aroma and add flavor to it. They also have the ability to reduce anxiety and help to sleep well.
  • Coconut water is a Super-drink and tops the list of liquid superfoods as it has all the nutrients necessary and is also taken as a sports drink by athletes. Spiritually speaking, it has great benefits, and it can remove the strongly imprinted ‘Bijas’ and negative impressions which are deeply embedded in the Manipura Chakra. It hydrates and lowers blood sugar and pressure. It improves brain function. Lastly it cleanses the liver and hence provides complete detox.

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