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49 Day Spiritual Detox Program – Week 1


Welcome to the first week of our Regime. We want you get the maximum benefits with our plan and hence keep doing the 49-day plan regularly. This is not merely a body detox but a Spiritual cleansing which will also have an impact on the body and mind for a healthier living. It is highly recommended that you do the 21 minute meditation everyday along with this cleanse as it will bring about a phenomenal change as both are very inter-dependable.

Complete the small and easy tasks on all the 49 days without losing a single day as it has a cumulative effect when done correctly. This is your 49 day practice and if you put in a little thought and effort and try to devote this time for yourself, you will definitely reap the best out of it.

In case you do not have an ingredient on a particular day, you can still use Turmeric instead for a day and continue with the next day.

Week 1

This week we will start with chanting ‘Aum’ and do some breathing exercise under the Sun along with Surya-Namaskar. For the Cleanse, we will be using Bilva leaves, Basil leaves, Neem leaves and Turmeric.

The Sun, is regarded as the Sun God according to the Sana tana Dharma and is a symbol of higher Consciousness. Many Yogis have retained their bodies due to the energy from the Sun as it is the Divine Rejuvenator. It is the source of all light on Earth and can be both, a creator and a destroyer. With utmost devotion bow down to the Guru, the Sun God.

  • SuryaNamaskar or Sun Salutations are of utmost importance and help in cleansing the body from deep within and is a part of Yoga. It not only tones your muscles but also regulates the breathing and proper functioning of our glands and organs and improves immunity. A lot of ailments can be cured with the help of Sun Salutations. The Surya Namaskar given here is different from the traditional method and can be done very easily.
  • Aumkara is a Maha Mantra. It is the Manifestation of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar. It precedes all the mantras and is used in the beginning of any Puja or Mantra. It is so powerful that when uttered from the navel region, it can destroy the ‘Bija’ or impressions and help us to get rid of these from our Sub-Conscious mind. It is thus helpful in making spiritual progress and removes the seeds and obstacles in our path. In this technique, we stress more on the ‘Ma’ kara in ‘Aum’. ‘Mm’ is chanted longer, than ‘Au’ example, ‘Aummmm’.
  • Breathing has a lot of spiritual and Physical significance. It is a source of energy to the body. It connects the Body, Mind and Spirit. With each incoming and outgoing breath you can completely cleanse your body with mindfulness. When you breathe in, you must inhale all the positives like health, peace and love and when you breathe out you must feel that your negatives like ill-health, stress and anger are going out of your body.
  • Bilwa is considered to be very dear to Lord Shiva and is a Swaroop of Bhrama, Vishnu & Maheshwar. Along with the medicinal properties, it can also bring about changes to the Energy Body. It can cleanse the Ajna Chakra and bring about Spiritual Wisdom. It also helps in relief from respiratory discomforts and is a helpful medicinal herb.
  • Basil is known as Holy Basil as the leaves are considered to be very sacred in Ayurveda. They offer medicinal properties and give physical, and spiritual benefits and hence known as the ‘Mother Medicine of Nature’. It is used in the Holy water in temples. It is also capable of purifying toxic air and is a miraculous healing agent. It aids to calm the Nervous system.
  • Every part of the Neem tree is useful and mostly the leaves have a lot of medicinal properties. It is considered to be an Avatar of a Goddess and called as the ‘Wish fulfilling tree’ in ancient texts. It provides immunity to the body and can cure any skin disorder. It aids in heating of the body and is a stimulant and anti-septic and a blood purifier. Take it as a Prasad from Divine nature and consume it.
  • Turmeric is considered to be ‘Shubh’ or auspicious according to Indian Mythology as it brings implies purity and brings prosperity and every household is incomplete without Turmeric. It is so powerful that it is known to even cure cancer. It is spiritually a purifying agent and cleanses the ‘Doshas’ in the body along with the ‘Pancha Kosas’. It cleanses our blood and all the Chakras and Nadis in the body and allows the life force energy or ‘Prana’ to flow in the body.

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