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Yogic Detox – Week 1



  • Aum is a Maha Mantra (chants with great benedictions). It is believed as per the Vedic scriptures to be the Manifestation of Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Protector) and Maheshwar (Destroyer) or the Holy Trinity. It is variously in other customs seen as Amen in Christianity and Ameen in Islam. The sound vibrations of Aumhave a fine connect with Nature and a finer connect with our inner-selves. In Vedic literature, it precedes all the mantras and is used in the beginning of any Puja (ceremony) or other Mantra. It is so powerful that when uttered from the navel region, it can destroy the ‘Bija’ or impressions left from earlier incidents and help us to get rid of these conditionings from our sub-conscious mind. It is thus helpful in making spiritual progress, removes the seeds of misery and eliminates the obstacles in our path. In this technique, we stress on the ‘Ma’ syllable in ‘Aum’. ‘Mm’ is chanted twice as long as the ‘Au’ in the example, ‘Aummmm’.


  •  Breathing technique

Breathing right has a lot of spiritual and physical significance. It is a source of energy to the body. All metabolism and energy exchange is enabled by the breath. It connects the Body, Mind, Prana(life-force) and Spirit(consciousness). With each incoming and outgoing breath you can completely cleanse your body with mindfulness and checked consciousness. When you breathe in, you do so with positive contemplation(sad-bhava), inhale positivity like feelings of health, peace and love. When you breathe out, you exhale your negativities like ill-health, stress and anger, experiencing they are expelled out of your body & mind.

  • Tulasi is a shrub also known as Holy Basil – and the leaves are considered to be very sacred in
    • Tulasi is a shrub also known as Holy Basil – and the leaves are considered to be very sacred in Ayurveda. The leaves of this plant, have medicinal properties that offer help in respiratory and auto-immune conditions, give physical and spiritual benefits and is hence known as the ‘Mother Medicine of Nature’. Benefits include oral care, relief from respiratory disorders, feverasthma, lung disorders, heart diseases, and stress. It is used in the sacramental Holy water (Theertham) in temples. Super-charged with flavonoids, anti-oxidants and essential oils, it can purify toxic air, is a healing agent and aids to calm the Nervous system.


  • Betel leaves belong to the family of Piperaceae. This plant has heart shaped leaves with a tangy odour. The leaves are claimed to have detoxification, anti-oxidation, and anti-mutation properties. Particularly it:
  1. Helps relieve cough
  2. Eliminates bad breath
  3. Prevents damage to the teeth
  4. Treats a nosebleed
  5. Cures bronchitis
  6. Treats ulcers
  7. Relieves itching and red eyes due to irritation
  8. Stops the bleeding of gums
  9. Treats & Eliminates acne
  10. Boosts immune strength
  11. Has anti-cancer properties.

In Sanatana Dharma, it is believed that Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati had themselves sown the seeds of betel in the Himalayan ranges. The leaf is considered very auspicious and is offered as tambulam to guests in pujaa and rituals by the Hindus. It has many medicinal properties too. Since ancient times betel leaf has been taken after food in India and China as it improves digestion, reduces gastric pain, has antiseptic and antifungal benefits, improves alertness and memory. It must be used in moderation though.


The Sun, is regarded as the Sun God according to several religions and belief systems. Surya/Aditi in the Sanatana Dharma, Ra or Horus by Egyptians, Helios by the Greeks, etc. is the life-giver on earth, primary source of energy for nature – wind, waves, tides, monsoons, plant-life, animal-life, biological-cycle, water-cycle, carbon-cycle, etc. Thus it is seen as the symbol of higher Consciousness. It is the source of all light and energy that sustains the ecological cycles on Earth and can be seen as both, a creator and a destroyer. With utmost devotion, we bow down to the Guru, a.k.a. the dispeller of darkness – Vivasvan, the Sun God. A simplified version of the Surya Namaskaar is presented here – easy for all to practice.

  • Surya Namaskaar or Sun Salutations are of utmost importance and help in cleansing the body from deep within and is a part of Yoga. It helps get adequate vitamin-D for skeletal growth, causes skin and hair to stay healthy with the right amount of exposure. The Surya Namaskaar, through stretching, not only tones our muscles but also regulates the breath, enhances proper functioning of our glands & organs and improves immunity. A lot of ailments can be cured with the help of Sun Salutations. The Surya Namaskar given here is different from the traditional method and can be done very easily.

  • Bilva/Bel or Wood Apple tree is considered to be very dear to Lord Shiva in Sanatana Dharma. In Hindu mythology it is a manifestation (Swaroop) of Parvati Devi, the cohort of Lord Shiva. Scientifically it is known to have chemicals that enhance mood, act on the liver and have a tendency to liven and stimulate people with negative energies. Bilva has astringent, edema lessening, anti-diarrhea, laxative and appetizer properties hence, can be used to cure both internal and external diseases. The sacred tree has many medicinal usages and is advantageous in curing many human ailments including bleeding gums and joint aches. Along with its medicinal properties, it can bring about changes to the Energy Body. It can cleanse the Ajna Chakra and bring about Spiritual Wisdom. It also helps in relief from respiratory discomforts and is a helpful medicinal herb.


  • Cloves: The buds of clove have various health benefits as it helps relieve nausea, vomiting, stomach upset, muscle cramps, toothache and several other ailments. It is also promotes digestive health. Cloves possess antibacterial, anesthetic, aphrodisiac, analgesic, antispasmodic, carminative and stimulant properties. The herb contains eugenol, a potent platelet inhibitor which helps prevent blood clots and is good for cardio-vascular conditions. This valuable herb has flavonoids, including eugenol, kaempferol and rhamnetin that have anti-inflammatory and antibiotic qualities. In addition, it is beneficial in reducing blood sugar levels. Spiritual meditative practices show an immense impact of Cloves on our brain. We all know how the body and mind are inter-related. Cloves bring about a stimulating effect on the brain. It has subtle properties that can help you realize your manifesting abilities or intentions and has been used successfully in curbing alcoholism and smoking.

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